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The Unbeatable Formula for Super Clickable Job Ads

Perfect job ad formula

Your job ad is the window into your company. Job seekers often look at hundreds of job ads at once so are you doing everything you can to make sure your ad stands out from the crowd?

According to The Candidate Experience Awards, 48% of applicants have NO previous relationship with your company.

That’s a lot of people you have the chance to impress with a whopper first impression. So how can you make sure you wow these applicants and get those click rates soaring?

Follow these guidelines and you’ll start seeing a difference straight away!

Never Ever EVER Assume

In order to write a perfectly balanced job ad that will see those click rates skyrocket there are some things, you should never assume.

Do not assume that an applicant knows:

  • Anything about your company
  • Anything about your product
  • What makes you different
  • Why others work with/for you

Get creative about working all of this information into your job ad. This does NOT mean copying and pasting the “about” section on your website… Unless it’s creative and poetic and click-inspiring.

Give The Applicants What They Want

When creating job ads we can get carried away throwing all the information we can fit onto a page. But, have stopped to wonder whether you’re giving the candidate what they really want?

When job applicants were asked “What is the most valuable job-related content to you?” the top answers they gave were:

Job Description

This is often the first introduction the candidate has to your company. It’s hugely valuable to job seekers.

Salary Range

Only 22% of employees list the salary in their job description. This gives you the chance to really make your job advertisement to stand out. If you are able to give an insight into the salary range offered. This is one of the top things your candidate is looking for and most of your competition isn’t providing. Take advantage!


Job seekers want to know about what sort of benefits a potential employee could offer.

Successful Candidate Profile

Many job seekers want you to describe what a great employee would look like. Only 33% of employers talk about what their ideal employee would look like so this is another huge opportunity for your advertisement to attract job seekers.

Career Path Examples

Accepting a job is a huge milestone in people’s lives. Applicants are looking for an understanding of the different career paths that are available if they were to accept this role. The job must be presented as a stepping stone in their career with the potential for them to move on to other things. Only 49% of employers do this, so over half are not explaining what sort of career the job seeker can expect from this role.
Map out the potential career paths that an applicant could pursue from this role and people are guaranteed to show an interest.

When you tie all of this together you have the recipe for a great job ad that will provide the applicant with all of the information they feel is most important to them as a job seeker.

Remember Job Specs ≠ Job Ads

job specs do not make good job ads

A job specification is for internal company use only. This is created for legal reasons and is NOT the best way to attract your ideal applicant. A job ad has one objective, to entice people to your company.

When Creating Your Job ad…

Use Images

Using real images of your office and current team give your job ad more authenticity. If you can include a video that’s also great for conveying quality content that showcases your company.

Our (slightly outdated) 5 Random Questions videos are mentioned by nearly every person we interview. It’s a great employer branding move to be as authentic as possible with your images.


These help structure your job advertisement. Even simple techniques like bolding your keywords can help job seekers focus on the important parts of your job ad. Remember most people skim hundreds of job ads at a time so give your company the best chance to make an impression.

Pro Tip: Try not to include bullet points- they don’t work!

Instead of using bullet points try creating a job ad that has detailed paragraphs to share all of your information.

Add all of these ingredients together, put them in the oven and voila! You now have a job ad that applicants want to click on!

What else can we help you with? Learn about writing incredible job ads, sourcing star candidates and mastering the skills of internet recruitment with our expert training content!

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