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These new LinkedIn features will save you SO much time

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. With the quiet Summer period coming to a close (and the evenings becoming shorter), we could all do with saving a little time here and there. Luckily, this week LinkedIn has announced three new features to help recruiters save time, increase efficiency, and be more productive. Phew!

Individual Projects

Moving forward, you’ll be able to create a project for each role you need to fill and then search within that project for optimal results.

Looking to hire three architects in London? Simply enter relevant job titles, location, and skills. The prospects that your search returns will then be in your talent pool.

If you like the look of a candidate, the tool allows you to add that person to the project. The next time you return to your search, you can find them easily in your ‘Architects In London’ project. Simple!

Save or hide candidates

As you continue to review the candidates in your search results, you can save the ones who could be a fit for your pipeline by using the new one-click feature.

You can also hide candidates if they’re not a fit. These candidates will still show up in future searches, but won’t continue to clutter your specific searches.

The goal of a one-click hide is to eliminate redundancies in your day-to-day workflow and save valuable time. And couldn’t we all do with shaving off some time wasting throughout the day?

Pick up your search where you left off

Instead of starting a search all over again when you exit Recruiter, you’ll be taken back to the results page you were on when you last left the project.
No more scrolling through pages and pages of results to get back to where you started. Saving time, and sanity!

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