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This Company's Radical Answer To The War For Skills

This month, we’re focusing on innovation, or as we like to call it at SocialTalent – ‘InnoMaytion’. That means we’re looking at companies who go beyond the port of call and create ideas that will add extreme value to their company. One such company is who is the perfect example is that of Cognizant.

Being one of the world leaders in digital and innovation tech, you can be sure their creative ideas are up there with the best! Earlier this year, Johnny travelled to Amsterdam to the Cognizant offices to sit down with Jolie Den Boer and Gwellyn Daandels who talked about technology and the BIG BANG effect it had on recruitment.

We’ve talked at large how the war for talent is now a war for skills. Cognizant shifted their approach in how looked for skilled employees. How you ask? They grew their own! They went and identified the skills they needed and then invested in their current employees to grow skills from within. Genius!

Watch the video below to learn more about Cognizant’s innovative ways;


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