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The Top 45 Most Annoying Office Habits

Do you display one or more of the 45 most annoying office habits according to Mashable? Because if you do, you are the devil!:

1. You have awful coffee breath.

2. You constantly chew crunchy things at your desk.

annoying office habits

3. You never accept help, even when it’s obvious you need it.

4. You interrupt conversations.

annoying office habits

5. You will not shut up, ever.

6. You talk to yourself all day long.

annoying office habits

7. You talk about things that are way too personal.

8. You never respond to emails.

annoying office habits

9. You let your stress show to others.

10. You leave your phone notifications on.

annoying office habits

11. You left your avocado salad in the tiny office fridge for two months.

12. You clip your nails at your desk.

annoying office habits

13. You start conversations with people who are across the office.

14. You slurp your soup ‚¬€ loudly.

Slurp GIF

15. You constantly talk about your significant other.

16. You make people talk over your music.

annoying office habits

17. You are never on time for anything.

18. You took the last cup of coffee and didn’t make a fresh pot.

annoying office habits

19. You only talk on speakerphone.

20. You pee on the seat and don’t clean it up.

annoying office habits

21. You don’t wash your hands after using the bathroom.

22. You used the last ice cube and didn’t refill the tray.

annoying office habits

23. You cooked fish in the office microwave.

24. You constantly look at other people’s computer screens.

annoying office habits

25. You call IT for the same issues that are your fault.

26. You constantly hum, whistle or sing out loud. Even when the office is completely silent.

annoying office habits

27. You laugh at an alarming volume.

28. You listen to music in your headphones so loud that everyone around you knows you’ve been listening to “Happy” for three weeks straight.

annoying office habits

29. You leave passive aggressive Post-its everywhere. We know your handwriting, just say it out loud.

30. You eat extremely pungent food at your desk.

annoying office habits

31. You tell everyone what time it is, sometimes multiple times a day.

32. You are a self-proclaimed finger/pencil drummer.

annoying office habits

33. You are a pen-clicker.

34. You stand by impatiently while people are having a conversation, instead of just saying, “Hey, come see me when you’re done.”

annoying office habits

35. You insist on keeping the window open, even when it’s FREEZING outside.

36. You put your soda in the freezer, but forget about it and it explodes.

annoying office habits

37. You steal food from the fridge.

38. You type louder than was thought to be humanly possible.

annoying office habits

39. You comment on how long your coworkers took for lunch, and you are not their boss.

40. You sing out loud at your desk.

annoying office habits

41. You have a violent case of restless leg.

42. You never clean up after yourself.

annoying office habits

43. You don’t tip well at business dinners or lunch.

44. You make inappropriate jokes.

annoying office habits

45. You don’t flush the toilet.


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