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LinkedIn's Top 50 Startups

Linkedin Top Companies Startups
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Today LinkedIn announces the launch of its brand new LinkedIn Top Companies- LinkedIn Top Companies | Startups.

This list will show the top 50 companies who are disrupting their industries and leading the way in terms of innovative thinking, technology and life-changing products.

A startup is a company working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed
-Neil Blumenthal, Warby Parker

With all of this collected data, LinkedIn can start to map interesting trends like how these startups are hiring and how they recruit from the LinkedIn Top Companies list.

So who makes this exclusive list? You’ll see some familiar names, some that you didn’t realise could still be listed as a Startup.

    1. Uber
    2. Airbnb
    3. WeWork
    4. Lyft
    5. Slack
    6. Nio
    7. Rubrik
    8. Dropbox
    9. Houzz
    10. Convoy
    11. General Assembly
    12. Stripe
    13. Glossier
    14. Flexport
    15. Aryaka Networks
    16. Pinterest
    17. GRAIL
    18. Duo Security
    19. Udacity
    20. G2 Crowd
    21. Blend
    22. OpenDoor
    23. Cybereason
    24. Cylance
    25. Crowdstrike
  1. Uptake Technologies
  2. Affirm
  3. Katerra
  4. Ring
  5. Convene
  6. Coursera
  7. Stitch Fix
  8. Wish
  9. Robinhood
  10. Darktrace
  11. Sprout Social
  12. Hyperloop One
  13. Snowflake Computing
  14. ThoughtSpot
  15. Zenreach
  16. Cohesity
  17. Pendo
  18. Moda Operandi
  19. DataBricks
  20. Skuid
  21. Glint
  22. Docker
  23. Credit Karma
  24. Casper
  25. Elastic

Key Trends

LinkedIn has been able to map some really interesting data points based on this list:

Not all about the bay– Although San Francisco takes the top spot- more than a third of the companies listed are based outside of the bay are like New York and Chicago

Women in power- 12% of the companies listed are run by women. Even though that’s only 6 companies it is still double the amount of female of CEOs that appear on the Fortune 500 list.

Older unicorns- Not every company on the list has been valued at $1 billion. This proves that startups don’t need to race for unicorn status to be considered successful.

Tech isn’t the centre of the universe- Over half the companies listed lie outside the tech sector. Education and healthcare are on the up.


So what makes this list interesting to us?

The e-learning industry is well represented by General AssemblyUdacity and Coursera compounding the fact that self-education and upskilling are becoming more and more important to people as the future of work moves more towards AI and automation

Who we’re excited about…

  • Glint– A company that’s focussed on employee engagement and people development in the workplace.
  • ThoughtSpot– AI driven analytics helping people who aren’t data geniuses gain an overall picture of their company.
  • Skuid Helping Sales organizations get seriously productive when it comes to developing.


So… What do you make of this new startup list? Join the SocialTalent Community and get involved in the conversation about the future of work.

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