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How is the UK Letting Female Engineers Down? (Infographic)

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that the engineering industry in most countries attracts more men than women.

RS Components have created an infographic that gives us insight into the number of female engineers in European countries and it’s not a good reflection on the UK.  The Uk has the lowest number of women working in engineering; only 8.7% of the 640,300 strong engineering workforce are women.

This boils down to 55,706 women in total.

New campaigns and recruitment drives from organisations like Wise and Women in STEM are making strides in an effort to eradicate the gender balance issue in STEM sectors. They work hard to tackle the issue at several levels particularly since young girls can be so easily influenced by gender bias.

Take a look at the graphic to see which countries are successfully attracting the most women into engineering roles.

How can recruiters change the conversation and begin helping companies iron out the gender balance issue? It’s a problem that arises in all sectors- not just STEM. Learn how to level up from a pro recruiter to the ultimate strategic sourcer and contact our sales team today!

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