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'We're Hiring' | LinkedIn Announces Initiative For Small Businesses To Hire

Not every business has the means and resources to dedicate to hiring. For small businesses, the future of the company can depend on making the right hire, for the right price, at the right time. Competing with larger organisations can be tough for smaller companies, who rarely have dedicated resources for headhunting, sourcing, or even advertising roles. This week, LinkedIn announced a new initiative to help small businesses hire smarter without spending too much time and resources.

Harking back to the good old days of ‘help wanted’ signs in windows, LinkedIn has made a shopfront sign available to small businesses. By printing out and hanging the sign somewhere visible, the business can provide a wealth of details about the role and the business. Passers-by interested in finding more information simply scan the QR code on the sign, which will bring them to a LinkedIn page where they can easily apply for the position.

The process is carried out in three simple steps;

  • Follow the “Post a Job” flow to download and print the sign
  • Place the sign in a prominent location on your storefront/window. The sign contains a QR code and a short link that redirect users to the page that contains all jobs that have been posted for your company within a specific city.
  • As applicants flow in, you can sort and engage with them easily and in one place on LinkedIn.

It’s as simple as that! No more wasting time explaining the role face-to-face to semi-interested parties.

In addition, LinkedIn have also rolled out a new feature which allows small businesses to alert potential candidates to new roles on their phones.

LinkedIn members simply opt in to notifications on their career interests dashboard, and will be notified directly when a job is posted. this helps to ensure that information pertaining to the role reaches candidates quickly, as well as ensuring that the people it reaches are actively considering new roles. This removes a lot of time consuming aspects of a new open role for small businesses, helping to streamline the whole process, and get the most out of their job posting.

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