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Here at SocialTalent, we keep our eyes peeled for the hottest new topics in recruitment and talent acquisition. If we see something which can help you do your job easier, we seek out the best industry expert we can find in order to update you with new content on the platform. This month, we added six new missions, three amazing new speakers, and five hours of new content. Covering topics including employer branding, contract recruiting, hiring through hypergrowth and more, say hello to the three new speakers joining the platform this month. 

Anna Brandt – Hiring through Hypergrowth

Meet Anna Brandt, the five time, hypergrowth Global Head of Talent Acquisition for scaling organisations like Uber, Zalando and Mollie. Her experience and expertise is unparalleled and can help prepare you as a recruiter for one of the most notoriously difficult times you will face in a company – hiring through hypergrowth.

If your company is going through hyper-growth – the rapid expansion of employees to double, triple or multiple the size of the company by a factor of ten – is in equal parts the most thrilling and manic time for a recruiter.  For many people faced with this mammoth task, they have to ask – where do you even start? With such steep targets, the usual talent acquisition problems become compounded. How are you expected to cope with the pace? 

This is a time where as a recruiter your experience and personal growth can, with the correct preparation, scale rapidly. Anna details proven tactics from her own experience to help you successfully navigate this tricky time, making the right trade-offs and grow sustainably.

Let’s hear what Anna has to say. 

Ed Nathanson – Humour and Heart: Employer Branding/Candidate Experience

Ed Nathanson, founder of Red Pill Talent and host of the hilarious “Are You Not Entertained?” podcast, is an experienced global Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding and HR leader.  And as such, the best man to talk to us about adding humour and heart to your employer branding and candidate experience

There’s a lot of talk these days about employer branding (even on our blog and LinkedIn Live series), but how do you create content which really connects?  Throughout his years as an employer brand specialist, Ed has spent countless hours analysing what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to social content. And the good news? He’s sharing it with us. 

With the talent shortage more prevalent than ever, employer branding has never been more important. We’re delighted to welcome Ed on the platform.  Find out what Ed has to say about it below.

David O’Reilly – Contract Recruiting: The Benefits for Employers and Employees

David O’Reilly is the MD of Fennero, which sets up limited companies for contractors to get paid into. When it comes to contract recruiting, David knows it inside out. How do you hire contract employees? What are the benefits? How do you sell contract work to candidates?

In a world where candidates want increased flexibility, contracted work is often seen as the answer. With that in mind, it’s important to get it right – and David can help you do just that.    

We’ll let Dave tell you himself.

Check it out on the platform now! We’ve also added new content from some other favourite speakers, including Peter Cosgrove  (“Networking as a recruiter”) and Ayub Shaikh (“Technical Recruiting”). Stay tuned for more updates every month. 

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