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Introducing the SocialTalent Customer Success Hub

At SocialTalent, we’re always looking for ways to help our customers roll out our training platform and build a learning culture within their organizations. So, we’re delighted to launch our latest resource – the SocialTalent Customer Success Hub.

Customer success hub

What’s the SocialTalent Customer Success Hub?

The Customer Success Hub is packed with the playbooks, templates, and insights you need to get the most from SocialTalent – all in one easy-to-use portal! 

Let’s take a closer look at what’s included:


  • Playbooks: Keep your training journey on track with our planning and implementation playbooks, based on what we’ve learned from working with our customers. 


  • Customer case studies: Learn how SocialTalent customers are driving talent and hiring management excellence with our training solutions. 


  • Content roadmap: View our exciting content roadmap for the upcoming months and get a head start in sharing these updates with your team! 


  • Product news: Keep up-to-date with the latest features and updates to the SocialTalent platform.


  • SocialTalent administrators: Get everything you need to manage your SocialTalent environment and support learners. We’ll show you how to manage company settings, build and edit learning paths, manage users, and track progress.

Check out this video for a detailed overview:


The Customer Success Hub brings our best-practice playbooks, templates, and insights for successful learning programs into one place! It’s an essential companion tool that will help you level-up your SocialTalent learning! Check it out today.


Is your organization looking to roll out hiring and talent related learning? SocialTalent’s e-learning platform could be the solution! Get in-touch with our sales team today.


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