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New year, new content on the SocialTalent platform

It’s a new year so of course that also means new content on the SocialTalent platform. And what a way to start 2021 – this is a bumper edition of expert courses and missions, all ready to be added to your learning paths. Development and training is a perfect way to get engaged and back on track, especially with so much consternation going on in the world right now! So, without further ado, let’s dive in and see what’s in store!

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Up is not the only way: Navigating the career ladder with your employees – Bev Kaye

The age of internal mobility is here. While promotions still form part of that mix, there are multiple directions that employees can take to navigate their career apart from up. This mission by Bev Kaye is designed for people managers. It will teach you how to support your team in navigating their career by looking at other opportunities for growth. 

Managing professional brands: The power of reputation, feedback and networking – Bev Kaye

Your professional brand is made up of your reputation and network. But are you fully aware of what your reputation is amongst your colleagues? Are you strategic in your networking to build key connections that you can leverage in your career? Designed for people leaders, this mission with Bev Kaye will show you how to take control of your professional brand, as well as support your team members in building theirs. Fundamentally, you will also learn how to ask for, receive, and give feedback.

How to retain your best people: The stay interview – Bev Kaye

You’ve heard of exit interviews, but by the time you’re conducting one with a great team member, it’s too late. Instead, you can hold regular “stay interviews” with your people to learn what will make them stay, demonstrating that you care. Bev will show you how to proactively keep your best people and ward off unwanted exits.

Starting power: Conversations to onboard and re-board employees – Bev Kaye

Did you know 1 in 5 employees will leave their new job in the first 45 days? Or that organisations who onboard new hires well will keep them for more than 3 years? But who’s job is onboarding? Well, it’s not HR. If you’re a people leader, it’s yours. In this mission with Bev Kaye, you’ll learn how to start your new hires off the right way by having critical conversations that set them up for long-term success.

Diversity and inclusion: Your role as an interviewer and hiring manager – John Vlastelica

The power of diversity and inclusion is well-known in our organisations. However, a significant hurdle we still face is how we ensure a fair, unbiased interviewing and hiring process. You play a leading role as a hiring manager and interviewer. In this mission, by John Vlastelica of Recruiting Toolbox, learn how you can implement simple strategies to mitigate bias and have fairer hiring processes as you build your team.

Tactics for mitigating bias in hiring processes – John Vlastelica

There are multiple steps in our hiring processes that leave opportunities for bias to creep in. But if we’re to truly have a diverse and inclusive organisation, we have to design them out of the process. This mission is targeted to hiring managers and people leaders; you will learn tactical solutions from John Vlastelica that are proven to mitigate bias and ensure we’re getting the best talent through our hiring process.

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