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3D TV; once I was a skeptic but now I am a believer!

I love going to the theatre and watching movies in 3D-TV, I feel like a kid experiencing the cinema for the first time each time I see a 3-D movie; I even went to see Final Destination 4 in the cinema just because it was in 3D (it’s an awful film!).  I have to be honest though, when it comes to 3D TV, I was skeptical.  It’s one thing to go the movies and wear a pair of glasses to enjoy a film but it’s a completely different thing to be expected to wear them in your own living room.  The thoughts of entire families sitting around the TV wearing dark shades to watch Coronation Street just freaked me out and I thought to myself, this is one fad that just isn’t going to go mainstream.

Last night I finally got to see what all the fuss is about when a friend showed me 20 minutes of Monsters Vs Aliens on his new Panasonic 3D LED TV.  Wow, it was amazing!  At first I was put out by the fact that the glasses are active, meaning that everything you see through them is effected by the technology built into them so your walls and bookshelves all seem to shimmer when you have them switched on.  Initially it gives you a sense of sea-sickness, especially on bright or white surfaces that contrast with your dark TV but once you start concentrating on the TV image, it all goes away and next thing you know there are animated characters crossing the living room and coming straight at you!  It’s brilliant!  I would watch Final Destination 4 over an over again just to experience 3D at home.

This new generation of TVs has everything else you would expect of a 2.5k piece of kit including wireless internet and browser functionality.  It is only a matter of time before you will be able to check out Facebook in 3D, watch a friend’s post in deep layers, navigating through a web menu that fully utilises the potential of this wonderful technology.  Movies are only the tip of the iceberg; sport, video games, the internet and home movies are never going to be the same.  I can only imagine the potential of hosting a video conference interview in 3D in a few years time.  What a better way to promote your company as a place to work by having a 3D video available for prospective employees to come check out what it is really like to work INSIDE your company.  Not since the iPhone have I been as impressed with a new piece of kit.  Bring on 3D!

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