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Become a Black Belt in Tech Recruiting

Do you talk to IT professionals on a daily basis but struggle to fully understand all of the job specs, terminologies and industry jargon that exist in the tech industry? Are you lacking confidence when you speak to developers because you ‘don’t really speak their language’? Good news, we’ve got just the remedy you need!

In our new Black Belt in Tech Recruiting programme, Ayub Shaikh, MD of Holistica Consulting Ltd. and author of ‘The IT Recruitment Survival Guide’ teaches you everything you need to better understand, assess and evaluate tech candidates.

Over 8 missions, you’ll learn things like The Evolution of Corporate Networks, Understanding Software Development, Database Technology Modern Programming Paradigms and much more. Ayub has over 14 years of experience in training IT recruitment consultants and HR professionals to better understand how IT works. Upon completion of the programme, you’ll be able to walk away confident in the knowledge that you know and understand what Front and Back-End Developers actually do, how an IT department is structured, what Cloud computing is all about – talking to potential candidates will no longer make you break out in a cold sweat; you’ll be able to hold your own, giving you the edge over other tech recruiters in this hugely competitive candidate-driven market. The best part? Just like any of our other Black Belts in Internet Recruitment, Advanced Internet Recruitment and Diversity & Inclusion, the Black Belt in Tech Recruiting is delivered through short, micro-learning videos, so you can move at your own pace, how and when you want it!

Tech Recruiter Missions

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