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Become a Black Belt in Tech Recruiting

Tech recruiting can be tough. There’s no two ways about it. Whether it’s the long lists of specific jargon and acronyms, the confusing job requirements, or ever-changing landscape of technology, it can be a difficult proposition even for seasoned recruiters. And given how tight the employee market is right now, it’s never been more important for TA to be on top of their games in order to snag this essential talent. So, how do you level up?

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SocialTalent has just the solution. We’ve partnered with Alison Daley, the Founder and CEO of Recruiting Innovation, to create a program of content on our e-learning platform that’s dedicated to demystifying the world of IT and tech recruiting.

Why is recruiting tech talent so difficult?

Recruiting IT professionals comes with its own unique set of challenges. Aside from the supply and demand issues that are currently happening, hiring tech talent is a tricky test – Protocol even referred to it as an extreme sport! Some of the common barriers are:

  • Difficult to screen without a strong base knowledge of tech skills and requirements.
  • IT professionals are a hot commodity, so you have to move fast. It is reported that 89% of tech candidates will bow out of a process if the timeline is too prolonged.
  • Ensuring your benefits and salary options are competitive and tailored. Things like flexibility are very important to this sphere.
  • The discipline is constantly changing and innovating. 
  • Companies want more diversity in their tech candidates.

It’s important to give yourself a leg-up as a recruiter if you’re going to thrive in this arena. Our tech recruiter training will arm you with the knowledge needed to gain this competitive advantage.

Check out Alison Daley’s appearance on The Shortlist where she talks to SocialTalent CEO, Johnny Campbell, about diversifying tech recruiting.

What does SocialTalent’s tech recruiting program cover? 

Alison’s goal is to help recruiters “stop the awkward and start having meaningful conversations” with technical candidates. Through a series of missions, you’ll learn to build your confidence so you can better understand, assess and evaluate the best tech employees. 

Each mission is delivered by an expert in that respective field, so you can be confident in the insights. The complete program looks into these specific roles:

  • UX design
  • Product managing
  • Back end engineering
  • DevOps
  • Front end engineering

Each speaker will walk you through the most pertinent details a tech recruiter will need to know in order to effectively communicate. From particular workflows and terminologies to career paths and tips for when you’re looking at resumes, SocialTalent’s definitive tech recruiter training is essential for gaining the upper hand. 

Want to level up your approach to tech recruiting? Discover Alison Daley’s content, and so much more, in our Recruiting Training Solution.

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