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Handy new productivity tips for Google Calendar

I love Google Calendar.  Let me just get it out there.  It sends me texts to remind me to call clients, notifies me of family birthdays, allows my client to schedule appointments integrated with their Outlook Calendar and allows me to edit seamlessly while on the go on my Palm Pre mobile.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, I stumbled upon some new “Labs” settings in my Calendar Settings (top right of your screen).  There I found a treasure trove of handy new options that I can enable on my trustee calendar.

The ones  I chose were:

1. Gentle Reminders: no longer does Google Calendar rudely interrupt my other applications to pop-up and tell me that I have to make a call (although I may end up turning this off again as it keeps me disciplined!)

2. Jump to Date: Sounds obvious, doesn’t it, but previously I had to click on the monthly calendar on my left tab and click along until I found some month in the distant future to make an entry or view that day’s schedule.  Not any more, my new tab has a drop down for day, month, year that allows me to quickly get there.

3. World Clock: This is a HUGE benefit for me.  I conduct and schedule interviews with people all over the world from the West Coast of the US to New Zealand and despite my best efforts I struggle to remember the exact time zone difference.  No more!!!  My new tab allows me to produce a customised list of the major cities that I want to track and it then displays the time in real-time.  Simple but genius, no more googling “Time Brisbane” etc.

All in all, there are 14 different options that you can now play around with in Labs so what are you waiting for, get stuck in!

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