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How to: Create a CV in 30 Seconds Using Your LinkedIn Profile

Many people have no idea that LinkedIn Labs exists, but it’s a little hidden away place in LinkedIn that harbours some great (beta) tools and products, like LinkedIn Resume Builder – it’s hardly new (I know several of you are going to immediately pounce on this and say it’s been around for the last two years…) but this is a great tool for people who are on the hunt for a new job and need to collate a CV, and so few people use it!

So, in double quick time, here’s how to create a CV using your LinkedIn profile:

Step 1: Visit the LinkedIn Labs Resume Builder here, and sign in with LinkedIn

LinkedIn Resume Builder on LinkedIn Labs

Step 2: Click “Continue” to allow Resume Builder permission to pull your profile information

LinkedIn Resume Builder on LinkedIn Labs

Step 3: LinkedIn will have pulled your entire profile and organised it in to a single CV, so all you’ve to do is choose a template for your CV from the palate along the left hand side of your new CV

Step 4: Edit what sections of your LinkedIn profile you’d like to include if there’s additional or unnecessary information on your profile by viewing the Outline Mode, and drag and drop sections to your CV in your preferred order, or remove them entirely.

Navigation bar for LinkedIn Resume Builder

Step 5: Save your CV as a particular template (best for managing which CV you’ve sent to whichever company you’re applying to), so that you can manage your CV’s from within Resume Builder later.

Have you used the Resume Builder in LinkedIn yet? What do you think of it? Worth sharing around your candidates and fellow job seekers?

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