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Social Recruiting Round-Up: September 2015

Hiroto with LassoHello and welcome to the September edition of our Social Recruiting Round-Up – a selection of the best, most shared blogs, infographics, webinars and recruitment news stories from the Social Talent blog in the last month.

This month we’ve got an unmissable two-part special about the thing top performing recruiters do that you currently don’t, a humbling open letter to graduate recruiters (from a recent graduate), an inside look at our non-traditional employer branding videos, the weirdest objects a selection of recruiters have ever received, the most passive aggressive office notes you’ll read this year, the biggest recruitment news headlines and a webinar on 7 surprising truths about how recruiters use the web. Phew!

It’s not to be missed, so enjoy it, share it and have a very Happy Thursday recruiters!

Top Recruitment Blogs from September 2015:

An A plus is given to a student for great work being achieved.

6 Things Top Performing Recruiters Do That You Don’t: Part 1

We conducted our own research to discover the practices, techniques and methods high performing recruiters use to ensure success.

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Things Great Recruiters Do Part Two

6 Things Top Performing Recruiters Do That You Don’t: Part 2

We conducted our own research to discover the practices, techniques and methods high performing recruiters use to ensure success. (Part Two of a two-part special.)

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Weirdest Objects

32 Weirdest Objects Sent To Recruiters Ever!

When asked their readers to reveal the most unusual items their clients had ever sent them, I don’t think they expected how weird things were about to get!

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Passive Aggressive Office Notes

20 Epically Passive Aggressive Office Notes

Go on, admit it. You always wished you had the “cojones” to leave one of these bad boys for a fellow colleague…

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graduate recruitment

An Open Letter to Graduate Recruiters

In her first blog for Social Talent, as part of the Social Talent #BlogTakeover, Ellen Byrne details why her experience with graduate recruitment wasn’t a good one. This is her story.

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Nicola McCarthy and George Bryan of the Digital Production team

The Story Behind Our Non-Traditional Employer Branding Videos that Worked

Our employer branding videos that we produced, in house, weren’t exactly traditional… nowhere did we ask our team why they liked their job, but it worked! In her first blog for Social Talent, also as part of the Social Talent #BlogTakeover, our resident online production spealist, Nicola McCarthy, reveals how and why we did it.

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Top Recruitment Infographics from September 2015:

Twitter search

Finding Talent Using Twitter Search (Infographic)

Unfortunately, although Twitter is now the second most popular social network to search for candidates after LinkedIn, many recruiters and sourcers still shy away from using it. This infographic shows you how to use Twitter for sourcing talent.

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How the Heck to Use a #Hashtag (Infographic)

A clear guide on not only best practices for using hashtags, but cross platform clarification on when, where and how many hashtags to use.

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twitter tips

Top 10 Twitter Tips for Newbies (Infographic)

New to Twitter? Still unsure how it all works? No worries, this infographic tells you everything you need to know.

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Top Recruitment News Headlines from September 2015:


Our Recruitment Webinar from September 2015:

7 Surprising Truths About How Recruiters Use the Web

How many websites per day do you look at? Where do you spend most of your time online? How much more time do you spend on LinkedIn versus other sources?

Now, what if we asked you, how many websites per day does the average recruiter look at? Or where they spend most of their time online? Or indeed, how much more time do they spend on LinkedIn versus other sources? And more importantly, why should we care?

In this world-first, Social Talent will reveal the difference between an average recruiters’ web usage and a high performing recruiter’s web usage, and what exactly high performing recruiters do differently online that makes them so much more productive, efficient and effective. Most importantly, we’ll teach you how you start using the web more efficiently today, so you can start improving your own recruiting performance tomorrow!

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