DEI Training for a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace

A diverse and inclusive workplace is key to attracting and retaining the best talent. SocialTalent's DEI training will help you to attract, find and hire diverse talent but also to build and embed an overall company culture of DEI.

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Are you looking to build a more diverse and inclusive culture?

  • Are you struggling to embed a culture of DEI company-wide?
  • Are you able to find, attract and retain diverse talent?
  • Do you have fair and inclusive interviewing & hiring practices globally?
  • Do you have consistent inclusive leadership practices?
  • Have you created psychological safety within all your teams?
  • Have you enough diversity to drive sufficient innovation?
Quote Decoration Hiring diverse talent isn’t enough – it’s the workplace experience that shapes whether people remain and thrive. – McKinsey
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In the context of the workplace, diversity equals representation. Without inclusion, however, the crucial connections that attract diverse talent, encourage their participation, foster innovation, and lead to business growth won't happen. Harvard Business Logo

Empower your whole organization with the skills to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace

At SocialTalent, we believe passionately in diversity, equity and inclusion. Our DEI training solution helps organizations build diverse and inclusive teams and embed a culture of DEI.

The SocialTalent e-learning platform enables organizations to elevate, amplify and embed their DEI efforts globally and at scale.

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Attract, find and
hire diverse talent

We believe that diverse and inclusive hiring is integral to embedding a culture of DEI. Our DEI training will empower everyone involved in hiring - including recruiters, hiring managers and interviewers, with the recruiting and interviewing skills to ensure diverse, equitable, fair and inclusive hiring practices are applied consistently company-wide. Our training will also show your recruiting teams and hiring managers how to attract, source and hire top diverse talent.

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Engage, develop
and retain top talent

At SocialTalent, we also believe that without an inclusive workplace, it will be very difficult to retain your top talent, including your diverse talent, in the long term. Employees want to work for diverse, equitable and inclusive organizations. Our DEI training will empower your people managers with the inclusive leadership skills - and inclusive management best practices, to engage, develop and retain diverse talent.

Leading organizations using the SocialTalent e-learning platform to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive work environment

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Up to


increase in female candidates

increase in female candidates

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of Corporate directors see their organizations as excellent at recruiting a diverse workplace

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of HBR survey respondents think their organizations are not diverse and inclusive

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of employees believe inclusion is important to them in choosing a company

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Only three in 10 U.S. employees strongly agree that, at work, their opinions count

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Did you know...

There is clearly still much work to be done by most organizations to create truly diverse, equitable and inclusive work environments - from where they are today. While many organizations may have begun their journey, most have not advanced very far along the DEI maturity model.

Creating, maintaining and embedding a diverse and inclusive workplace, as well as measuring the success of your DEI efforts, takes a significant commitment from all levels within a company. And this is where SocialTalent’s e-learning platform can help to educate and reinforce your company’s DEI values globally and across every organizational level.

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And yet, there is a very compelling business case for greater diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace – from better understanding your customers' needs, higher employee engagement and satisfaction, and better decision making to increased innovation and improved employee and company performance.

The Business Case for
Diversity Equity and

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Innovation related advantage among more diverse organizations

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Higher financial performance (EBIT) among more diverse organizations

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Higher average employee performance in diverse organizations versus non-diverse organizations.


of the time, inclusive teams make better decisions

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Business Impact - of SocialTalent DEI Training

By building diverse and inclusive teams, and educating everyone in your organization - from HR and TA to people managers, individual contributors and your leadership team, on inclusive interviewing, hiring, work, leadership, and DEI best practices you will…​

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  • Sourcing and hiring diverse talent
  • Diverse & inclusive hiring & work practices
  • Employee performance
  • Employee engagement & satisfaction
  • Employer brand
  • Business growth and performance
  • Understanding your customers’ needs
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  • Non-inclusive hiring practices
  • Non-inclusive work practices
  • Non-inclusive leadership practices
  • Implicit and explicit bias
  • Employee attrition
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  • Organizational DEI efforts
  • Consistent online DEI training globally
  • Inclusive interviewing & hiring practices
  • Inclusive work practices
  • Inclusive management & leadership practices

Insights - on DEI

Insights from global thought leaders in DEI - Learn more about how to champion Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging in the workplace.

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DEI and Creating Safe Spaces at Work

Watch our online talent leadership event and learn why psychological safety is so important in driving DEI

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The Shortlist

Creating Conversations around Diversity

With Johnny Campbell and Salma El-Wardany, Chief Diversity Officer, Solutions Driven

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Championing Neurodiverse Talent

Interview with Theo Smith, VP of Customer Acquisition at ZInc Work

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The Shortlist

The Power of Inclusive Leadership

With Simon Haigh, Growth Strategist, Lecturer, Speaker, Author

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The Shortlist

Trans Inclusion and Belonging in the TA Space

With Joanne Lockwood, Founder and CEO, SEE Change Happen, a DIB Practice

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Making Organizations Truly Inclusive

Interview with Jenifer Lambert, Chief Strategy Officer at Terra Staffing Group

The Shortlist card image
The Shortlist

Disability Inclusion in the Workplace

With Christabelle Feeney, Director of Employers for Change, Open Doors Initiative


Why SocialTalent?

Improve your organization's innovation, growth, performance and engagement
with SocialTalent's online DEI training

  • Collaboration
  • Engagement
  • Recognition
  • Reporting
  • Mobile learning
  • Collaboration
  • Engagement
  • Recognition
  • Reporting
  • Mobile learning
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Drive collaboration and discussion across your team.

Join in the conversation with our discussion feature and see how the rest of your team is doing with leaderboards.


Increase engagement across your organization

Our easy-to-use interface makes learning fun – amplifying the long term retention of knowledge and maximising engagement.

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Promote recognition for milestones achieved.

Our point system means consistent learning is rewarded, earning badges, levels and skills. Our Kudos system also prompts learners to congratulate their peers’ progress.

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Measure and report on your teams' progress.

Easily track progress with in-depth reporting, allowing you to make sure your team are learning at the correct level.

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Mobile learning

Learn on the go with our mobile app.

Make learning part of your every day routine. The SocialTalent app allows you to learn on the go, with increased ease of use and maximum engagement.

Learn more about our
DEI Training

To learn more about how SocialTalent’s e-Learning platform can help your organization hire, develop and retain great talent, get in touch!

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