The Future of Work is Now

Chapter Four: Working with Hiring Managers

In the fourth installment of our Future of Work is Now series, we explore one of the most consistent pain points faced by talent acquisition professionals – working with hiring managers. With everything that has changed, will this relationship be easier or even more of a challenge?

This ebook aims to answer that question by looking into how the relationship between recruiter and hiring manager will change. We also provide practical and actionable tips that will enable you to work with your hiring manager more effectively now and in the future.

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What is covered


The need for an effective relationship.


Different expectations and collaborating remotely.


The positive steps you need to take.


Processes, expectations and measurement.

The Future of Work is Now Series:

The future of work has arrived faster than anyone expected. Working from home, virtual onboarding, truly global recruiting teams and hiring without borders – these are only some of the issues facing the world of work today.
On a weekly basis, we will be releasing in-depth guides on how different areas of the hiring process has been changed by the future of work and what the new best practices will be.

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