The Future of Work is Now

Chapter Six: Best Practices for Interviewing

The sixth installment of our Future of Work is Now series focuses on one of the most talked-about and debated areas of the hiring process – how to deliver a good interview experience while being effective in assessing the candidate.

In this chapter, we have looked into remote interviewing and how it affects the interviewing process. We provide tips on how to prepare and perform a remote interview effectively. We also explore the merits of the most popular techniques for assessing candidates and provide advice on what technique may work for you.

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What is covered

Remote preparation

How to prepare before remote interviewing

Remote action

Tips on conducting a remote interview

The right questions

Examples of effective questions

Assessment techniques

How to evaluate candidates

The Future of Work is Now Series:

The future of work has arrived faster than anyone expected. Working from home, virtual onboarding, truly global recruiting teams and hiring without borders – these are only some of the issues facing the world of work today.
On a weekly basis, we will be releasing in-depth guides on how different areas of the hiring process has been changed by the future of work and what the new best practices will be.

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