Enable your managers to engage and motivate their teams with best-in-class leadership training

With employee engagement rates at record lows, and higher than normal attrition rates, it’s more important than ever to provide your managers with the training to effectively engage, motivate and manage their teams. SocialTalent’s online leadership training will enable your organization to bolster engagement and productivity.

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Do your managers have the leadership skills to engage, develop and manage their teams?

In the age of The Great Resignation, the ability to engage, motivate, develop and retain talent is one of the most important skills your managers need in order to foster growth, innovation and success.

Yet so many companies don’t enable their people managers with the leadership skills and training they need to set their teams up for success. It’s proven that if you care for your employees, the business benefits in terms of motivation, productivity, innovation, growth and employee retention are considerable.

Do your people managers know how to...

  • Get the most out of their team and enable each team member’s full potential?
  • Foster connection, motivation, engagement and team spirit?
  • Create an inclusive and safe work environment?
  • Develop, support and coach their team to fulfil their career aspirations?
  • Foster a growth mindset to enhance innovation?
  • Attract more diverse talent?
Decoration image A 10% increase in trust inside an organization has the equivalent effect on employees’ satisfaction as a 36% increase in pay.” – John Halliwell
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It takes more than a 20% pay raise to lure most employees away from a manager who engages them, and next to nothing to poach most disengaged workers. Gallup logo

Empower your people leaders with the skills to maximize the full potential of their teams

SocialTalent’s online leadership training will empower your people managers with the skills and knowledge to engage, support and motivate their teams - to help them to perform to their highest level while ensuring job satisfaction, and to align with the rest of their team, and the organization as a whole.

Our leadership and engagement training focuses on a wide range of management areas including the best way to set and achieve goals, how to foster productivity, motivation and connection within your team, as well as how to unlock the potential of each team member, and best practices in communicating with your team.

We often hear from clients that our online leadership training is some of the best management training they’ve ever experienced and how it’s a really practical tool to help drive team engagement, connection and performance.

At Social Talent, our mission is to help clients build high performing, innovative, inclusive and engaged teams. It’s very powerful when you get every team member firing on full cylinders and supporting eachother to meet and exceed your team and organizational goals.

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Customers using SocialTalent’s e-learning platform to build high performing, engaged, productive and inclusive teams

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Global employee engagement rate

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Employee engagement rate in best practice organizations

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$8.1 T

Cost to the global economy annually in lost productivity

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Increased profitability among engaged companies

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Decoration image People don’t leave organizations, they leave managers” – Multiple sources

Did you know...

There is a strong business case for having a highly engaged workforce…and yet so many organizations don’t enable their people managers with the management training to support, motivate and engage their employees.

The research shows that by giving your employees opportunities to grow and develop, a clear framework for career advancement, flexibility at work and a strong management team you can better motivate and engage your teams - and teams flourish.

Having strong managers who know how to effectively engage and manage a team, enable them to do their best work, and build a safe and inclusive culture, is fundamental to organizational growth and success.

With SocialTalent’s online leadership training you’ll empower your people managers with the skills to build highly productive and inclusive teams that will transform and elevate their teams’ performance while increasing employee engagement.

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Business Impact - of SocialTalent’s Online Leadership Training

Improve team productivity, engagement, alignment and retention

If highly engaged business units result in 21% greater profitability, how do you make sure everyone in your organization stays motivated and engaged… and empowered to do their best work? What can you do to make sure your organization is part of the best practice group that has an engagement rate of 73%, versus 20%?

This is where SocialTalent’s leadership training comes in. We know that people managers and leaders vary widely in terms of how proficient they are at fostering connection and motivation and generally managing their teams.

By providing your people managers with the skills to build diverse, inclusive, innovative and high performing teams using SocialTalent’s e-learning platform you will:

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  • Employee productivity & performance
  • Diversity, equity & inclusivity
  • Employee motivation
  • Innovation
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee retention
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  • Employee disengagement
  • Employee attrition​


  • Employees with their team
  • Employees with their organization’s goals and mission

Hear from our customers how much they
love our online leadership training

It's about empowerment, it's not just upskilling. It's about giving your team the tools to continuously learn. That's why we have chosen to work with SocialTalent"
Lisa Ford Global TA Vice President
Nielsen IQ
Encouraging every individual to embrace a growth mindset is a critical part of building teams that are fit for the future of work. We are excited to keep building our future forward program with SocialTalent as our partner."
Jenna Dobbins Global Head of HR
I wanted to find a way to give back to the team, to train them to do different things and become more valuable."
Yaser Ahmad Global Vice President - Talent
The Core Leadership Behaviors to Retain and Develop Your People with Bev Kaye was an outstanding course. I will recommend to other leaders in our organization."
TA Manager Leading RPO

Insights - on Leadership

Insights from global thought leaders on the subject of leadership - Learn more about how to build highly engaged, productive, innovative and inclusive teams

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Why SocialTalent?

Improve your organisation's performance and engagement
with SocialTalent’s online leadership training

  • Collaboration
  • Engagement
  • Recognition
  • Reporting
  • Mobile learning
  • Collaboration
  • Engagement
  • Recognition
  • Reporting
  • Mobile learning
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Drive collaboration and discussion across your team.

Join in the conversation with our discussion feature and see how the rest of your team is doing with leaderboards.


Increase engagement across your organization

Our easy-to-use interface makes learning fun – amplifying the long term retention of knowledge and maximising engagement.

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Promote recognition for milestones achieved.

Our point system means consistent learning is rewarded, earning badges, levels and skills. Our Kudos system also prompts learners to congratulate their peers’ progress.

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Measure and report on your teams' progress.

Easily track progress with in-depth reporting, allowing you to make sure your team are learning at the correct level.

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Mobile learning

Learn on the go with our mobile app.

Make learning part of your every day routine. The SocialTalent app allows you to learn on the go, with increased ease of use and maximum engagement.

Learn more about our Leadership Training

To learn more about how SocialTalent’s e-Learning platform can help your organization hire, develop and retain great talent, get in touch!

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