Black Belt In Diversity & Inclusion Certification

...Diverse organisations perform better. Fact.

In our Diversity Ninja programme Holly Fawcett discusses unconscious bias and takes you through the why and how of diversity hiring; Torin Ellis, Diversity Recruiting Expert and thought leader, lends his extensive expertise in how we can make our organisations more inclusive; whilst Johnny Campbell, Chief Sourcing Ninja at Social Talent, provides you with the key sourcing skills to attract and source diverse talent.

What You Will Learn

How Bias Affects Decisions

How unconscious bias affects each stage of the recruiting cycle and impacts your decisions in hiring.

Inherent and Acquired Diversity

Discover the attributes that make all of us diverse.

Employer Branding for Diversity

Get the tools you need to build diversity into your employer branding efforts.

Hiring Diverse Candidates

Learn how to take a data-led approach to hiring that puts every candidate on a level playing field.

Sourcing for Diverse Candidates

Discover new ways to proactively source diverse talent to ensure a balanced slate.


We take the viewpoint of those who’ve felt the need to “cover” their true identity and how this has negatively impacted their work and life.

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