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Building your employer brand strategy

Learn how to build and plan employer branding campaigns.

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Ed Nathanson

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Enough with the theory, it’s time for action! In this mission, you’ll learn from Ed Nathanson, Employer Branding strategist, how to build your EB strategy. The partner workbook for this mission has detailed exercises which, when complete, will form your complete EB strategy.


Ed Nathanson

Ed Nathanson, founder of Red Pill Talent and host of the hilarious “Are You Not Entertained?” podcast, is an experienced global Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding and HR leader. And as such, the best man to talk to us about adding humour and heart to your employer branding and candidate experience.

Course Preview

In this Course you’ll learn...

Setting Targets

How to define your EB goals and audience personas

Content Ideation

How to generate content ideas that align to your audience needs and will meet your goals


How to amplify your employer brand messaging, using brand ambassadors, social media and PR

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