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Employer branding campaigns

Dicover the most effective methods to plan, structure and execute employer branding campaigns.

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Holly Fawcett

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When it’s time to execute your employer brand campaign, you’ll need a toolkit to get your brand messaging and media assets ready, as well as a roadmap for concept to launch. In this mission, we’ll share some easily available hardware and excellent (free) tools, a case study from Magellan Health, whose employer re-brand went from pen-and-paper to launch in just 100 days, and a practical how-to guide for embedding and promoting diversity into your employer brand.


Holly Fawcett

Holly’s extensive experience working with global TA leaders has shaped how the world’s leading enterprises have achieved hiring maturity. Her experience in this space is unparrallelld, making her one of the most sought-after advisors on talent transformation in the world.

In this Course you’ll learn...

Employer Brand Toolkit

The toolkit for executing your employer brand campaign, including free resources that can elevate your brand messaging

Case Study

How US healthcare provider Magellan Health went from concept to campaign-launch in just 100 days, with messaging that went on to influence their consumer brand campaigns too

DEI and Employer Branding

A practical guide for promoting and embedding diversity and inclusion into your employer brand campaigns

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