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3 Tips on How To Become a Social Recruiting Mastermind in 2018

Social media has become a necessity for recruiters in today’s working world.  Its functions are endless with recruiters finding new and exciting ways to post a job advert, source new talent or to advertise their company culture. Social media is especially useful for finding passive candidates. Back in October, when we conducted our Global recruiting Survey, 37% of participants said that they used social media as a primary source for finding candidates who were ultimately hired. Furthermore, 98% of respondents use LinkedIn as a sourcing tool when searching for candidates.

All in all, social media is a pretty big deal for recruiters. It’s practical, cheap and there are millions of candidates that use social media on a daily basis. Today, we look at three social media techniques to help you find your perfect candidate.

1. Use Niche Networks

When you think of social media, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram immediately spring to mind. However, depending on what industry you’re recruiting for, candidates may just be hiding elsewhere. For example, if you’re a tech recruiter and you’re looking for a developer then GitHub would be the place to start. GitHub houses over 26 million developers on its network and its network is continuously growing.

In recent times, Slack has surged in popularity, especially with developers and UX designers. Considering these positions can be hard to fill at the best of times, it’s best you start looking in all the right places. Slack is used by many companies for their in-house communication. BUT Slack can also be used to join forums where recruiters can join in on various conversations.  Get involved in the right conversations with the right people and you might just find your next talented candidate. Although Slack and GitHub are great for sourcing tech talent, there are other networks you can use for different industries. Marketers from all over the world are talking to one another on Moz, and if you’re recruiting for a creative role then Pinterest is the perfect place to start.

Of Pinterest’s 100 million members worldwide 81% of its user base is femaleAlthough it contains millions of images from several different themes and industries there are five certain categories within Pinterest that are consistently popular amongst users like:

  1. Interior Design
  2. Arts & Crafts
  3. Fashion
  4. Food
  5. Inspiration/Education

2. Promote Your Workplace Using Social Media

Employees are the one key asset that makes any company successful. Therefore, it’s important to keep them highly engaged and motivated in their roles. You want people to be enthusiastic and enjoy their work. So much so that they become brand ambassadors for your company. Showcasing your employees is an excellent way to catch the eye of a potential candidate.

When candidates see the latest tweet or Instagram post of your employees, they start to buy into the vision of your company. 80% of candidates research their employer before taking the next step to apply for a role. This usually consists of the candidate having a peek into the company’s social media activity. Publish posts across all channels that include the events you’re attending, or a themed post that might include your company’s festive celebrations. Keep it fun and cheerful as there’s a greater chance of your content being shared by others externally. Encourage your employees to share the content you publish to gain further reach. To ensure your employees share your content, it’s important that they at least have an incentive.

3. Post Engaging Content

There are only so many hours in the day, and yet an ever-growing number of social networks and sources where we could produce and share engaging content. It’s important to invest your time where it’ll make the most impact on your prospects, your network and your customers.

Engaging Content

The most-used networks where Marketeers publish B2B content are LinkedIn (94%), Twitter (87%) and Facebook (84%). Marketeers share content across an average of 6 networks. While LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have the largest content-sharing effort, it’s also key to look at the ROI for these networks. The best return on investment comes from LinkedIn (66%) and Twitter (55%), but Facebook is only at 30%. Recruiters can mirror this strategy by applying a content marketing strategy of their own.

If you have time to invest in sharing content across three spaces, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook would be your best bet. If you had to prioritise with just one network, then LinkedIn is your number one spot. Stick to your strengths by measuring engagement off each social channel.

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