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5 Key Points You Should Never EVER Forget About Leadership

Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming the infectiously charismatic Greg Savage to Dublin.

Greg gave one of his world famous morning masterclasses and this one was extra special. Leadership is action was for anyone who wanted to sharpen their skills for a future leadership position.

The room was packed with newly appointed managers and well-seasoned pros who all took away something valuable from the morning.

Although every point was gold dust, there were a couple of things that stood out as super important points for anybody who wants to learn to lead a team succussefully.

1. Leadership can be learned

We’re all used to the mantra “leaders are born” but believing this can impede your success. Of course, the best way to become a leader is to attend one of Greg Savage’s masterclasses.

(Now I’ve written that he’ll have stopped reading and I can say whatever I want).

Genuinely, there is a difference between being a manager and being a leader. Some people become managers because they were the best at their job, they earned a spot at the top. This does not bless them with leadership qualities.

Invest time in nourishing your communication skills, fine-tuning your personal skills and educating yourself on your industry and your leadership qualities will shine through.

2. AI will work well but it won’t lead

As the Artificial Intelligence revolution sweeps across all industries we need to prepare ourselves for the new future of work. AI will change the way we work and it will be one of the greatest tests of leadership for people in business.

Great leaders will welcome automation and focus on the true superpower of humankind- empathy and creativity. The best leaders will be able to guide their team through this technical revolution and help them discover their new role in the AI-centric world.


3. Talent will gravitate towards leadership

People don’t leave companies, they leave people

Great leaders will motivate their team and keep them engaged. Employee engagement is critical to productivity levels and is a key factor in reducing staff turnover.

“The single biggest decision you make in your job—bigger than all the rest—is who you name manager. When you name the wrong person manager, nothing fixes that bad decision. Not compensation, not benefits—nothing.”
Jim Clifton, CEO Gallup

Managers with excellent leadership skills can influence the mindset of an entire team. Employees will be drawn towards leaders and it can be tricky if they don’t feel their managers embody the right qualities.

If people cannot identify their manager as at leader they may start to gravitate towards other departments or even look for jobs outside the company

4. Cultural intelligence is essential

There’s a new Q on the block.

Cultural intelligence (CQ) is the ‘ability to relate to culturally diverse situations, as well as work effectively in them‘. Dubbed the ‘essential intelligence for the 21st century’ by SHRM it’s easy to see why leaders need this in their toolbelt.

A company made up of culturally diverse teams will continually outperform non-diverse companies. A person who can promote and lead by example when it comes to cultural diversity will lead a successful team.

5. Leadership is learning

Greg Savage speaks of the importance of constant education and it’s role in leadership. Learning is vital for career development and it’s important to keep your brain agile.

The beauty of learning is that it can take many forms. You can focus on a skill you wish to develop or perhaps burrow down into the nitty-gritty of your chosen industry. Either way, completing regular ‘nano-degrees’ can help you join dots you may not have realised existed.

Leaders are always seeking to broaden their mind and the truly excellent ones understand that this is critical to their, and their teams’ success.

Greg Savage has toured the world providing world class keynote speeches. He has over forty years experience with the good, the bad and the ugly of the recruitment industry. He speaks about all of them and shares is most valuable life lessons.

If you would like more Greg Savage content or are interested in fuelling your own learning initiatives call our team today and we’ll get you started!

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