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10 of The Best Candidate Excuses for Not Attending an Interview

Candidate excuses, where do we begin? Have you got that dreaded phone call where your candidates car won’t start, or that they’ve taken a miraculous tumble down the stairs and broken their elbow in two places? Now, although these things CAN happen, sometimes you’re left wondering whether or not there’s any truth to the excuse. Yes, it can be frustrating but, what’s even more frustrating is when the excuse is just a big fat lie!

We’ve put together a list of 10 RIDICULOUS excuses used by candidates for not attending their interview. Let the head scratching begin!

1. “My wife/husband/domestic partner just won the lottery!  I won’t need to work after all.”

2. “I accidentally got on a plane.”

3. “I am in jail and can’t make it.”


4. “I didn’t make the interview as I got lost and couldn’t find the offices.”

5. “I woke up in a good mood and didn’t want to ruin it.”

6. “I had been at the casino all weekend and still had money left to play with on Monday morning”

7. “I have misplaced, lost or forgotten to go the cleaners, and therefore have nothing decent to wear.”

8. “I meditated and prayed last night; God (or Jesus) said it was not a good time for an interview.”

9. “I caught my uniform on fire by putting it in the microwave to dry.”

10. “I do not usually go out on days that end with the letters “day”. Sorry, personal preference.”


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