10 Best Job Board Blunders

10 Best Job Board Blunders ????

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Job Board Blunders

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‘Bust’ or ‘busty’ instead of busy. ‘Toady’ instead of today. ‘Ruining’ instead of running. ‘Booing’ instead of booking – the internet’s rife with job advertisements featuring silly mistakes. However, though it’s fun to stumble across gems like these, at the end of the day, such mistakes by advertisers that are looking to recruit do more damage than good.

Seriously (just for a second), it never ceases to amaze us what we stumble across on an almost daily basis out there in online job board land. Before we reveal our list of favourite howlers though, we should point out that these sort of mistakes don’t occur on EVERY job board, there are one or two big players that stand out from the rest. We’ll leave you to work out who the main offenders are. A case of quantity over quality is all we’ll say about it.

So here, in all their glory, are just some of our favourite job post blunders of recent times:

1. Number five sounds a bit dodgy:

Job Board Blunders

2. Some employers have an interesting choice in accountants: 

job mistake 4
3. Because flings should always be conducted in a safe and professional manner: 

Job Board Blunders

4. When big words go wrong: 

Job Board Blunders

5. Good if you have multiple cats: 

Job Board Blunders

6. Please don’t call me Toady: 

Job Board Blunders

7. When the recruiter doesn’t understand the sector they’re recruiting for:

Job Board Blunders

8. Is you?! 

Job Board Blunders

9. Perks of the job…

Job Board Blunders

10. We hate these sort of issues!

Job Board Blunders

Pretty scary, huh? You can see more for yourself by following @JobPostShame on Twitter. And, if you see any good ones yourselves, why not tweet them to us @SocialTalent and tag the guys @JobPostShame? We’re never too busty, sorry, we mean ‘busy’, to enjoy a good job post blunder! Happy Friday Recruiters!

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