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10 Of The Most Irritating Office Habits.....EVER!

Working in an office can have its pros and cons. Firstly, you can’t beat a bit of office banter every now and again. Without banter you’d struggle to reach the end of the week. However, an office can be somewhat of a confined space. If you don’t like your co-worker/co-workers, then your work surroundings will become your worst nightmare. Ever hear a laugh that just makes your skin crawl? Yeah, me too! It ain’t easy I tell ye! We can of course complain about it, which I’m about to do right here….right now! Here are 10 office habits that have me climbing up the walls!

1. The Loud Mouth

Yup, we all have one person in the office that just doesn’t understand the meaning of peace and quiet. They have no secrets, simply because they can be heard from 10 miles away!

2. The Litterbug

The person that leaves empty crisp packets littered across the communal lunch table. This person somehow manages to miss the bin every time. They just expect people to clean up after them (rolls eyes)

3. The Overly Loud Eater

The sheer vibrations coming from their jaws would be enough to send seismic waves through the office. Make sure you’ve got a good pair of headphones if your in the vicinity of one of these bucks.

4. The Cocky One

You know that guy/gal that tries to get one up on every story you tell? They’ve been to the moon and back, they’ve several lifetime achievement awards and they are somehow related to Jack Nicholson…pfft!

The Thief

That person who waits for everyone to leave the canteen so that they can crawl through the fridge to eat other peoples food. Also prone to robbing things of your desk.

6. The Smelly One

Now, the smelly one can fit two types of people. Either the person has a serious BO problem, or they are trying to cover their BO problem with gallons of perfume. We’re talking blank panther level here!

7. The Hypochondriac

There’s always that one person who’s constantly suffering from a cold, malaria, or some sort of made up symptom. Now I’m no shrink, but I’m guessing it’s all in their head. That or not enough vitamins.

8. The Nosey One

I’m all up for a chit-chat, but when they start asking personal questions then it’s all bit too much. There’s boundaries…don’t cross ’em.

9. The Self Appointed Boss

Somehow their promotion crept past you without a single mention. How? Because it never happened. They love to be in control, they love to be right and most of all, they love to be bossy.

10. The One Who’s Late For Everything

Meetings, work, you name it! These people are never on time for anything. If you’re not on their time, then “Forget About It”.

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