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3 Reasons Why The Human Touch is SO Important in HR

The human touch is vitally important in all aspects of life. Today, our working world is evolving and everything is becoming digitalised. HR tools, emails, social media – you name it, HR use it. Therefore, is the human touch creeping its way out of HR in general and is our digitalised world harming face-to-face communication? Automation and digital processes have seen humans lose their jobs. Of course, this is industry dependent. However, let’s not forget the core principles of HR, and why the human touch is essential!

Humans Are The Brains

Behind every great piece of technology is a human. It’s an overwhelming positive to have HR tools in today’s working world. Turn the clock back 20 years and experienced HR personnel will tell you all about the tiresome tasks that took up lots of their time. As a result, they were unable to focus on more important matters.

The most important thing in HR is people! With AI and automated machine learning helping HR processes, more time should be focused on looking after your employees! If you think about it, HR is becoming less and less about strategy. HR now have more time to be creative and focus on cognitive thinking. HR’s goal should be to drive individuals within teams, teams within companies and to shape people to reach their full potential.

How Can HR Boost Creativity?

Promoting a strong company culture and leading from the very front is of utmost importance for HR people. Lead by example and encourage others in the company to partake in various activities you have planned around company culture. Many companies allow forget their identity over time and end up leaving their values by the wayside.

Promoting your company culture brings out the best in your workforce, and can often lead them to become more creative. Simply listening to your employees makes a massive difference! Most importantly, ask for continuous feedback. What do your employees like about the company? What don’t they like? However, what’s most important is that you listen! Implement the changes advised. Again, this will encourage your employees to come to you with new ideas if they feel like HR will listen. Let the creativity blossom!

Create a Learning Ecosystem

Providing your workforce with the opportunity has huge potential. Actually, never mind potential. It’s a winner! It’s a win-win across the board. Think back on the times you’ve replaced past employees with new hires to fill a role. That new hire needs time to not only adjust to the company culture but also the role in hand.

Training your current team should be your main focus! I have yet to hear an argument against upskilling your employees. Remember folks, in today’s working world it’s all about the war for skills! Employees that are learning in their role have a greater chance of sticking with a company. Watch the employee retention stats rise.

Customer satisfaction levels will rise due to your employees being more informed and aware of what they are doing un their day-to-day role. Upskilling employees can be numerous ways. These include;

  • E-learning (microlearning)
  • Classroom Training
  • Personal Development Schemes

Of course, there are many more, but what’s important is that you pick a learning mode suited to your company.


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