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How To: 3 Ways To Conduct A Flawless Job Interview

Here yee, here yee! Gather around yee recruiters far and wide, and feast thy eyes on best practices surrounding job interviews. Interviews can be tricky for recruiters, and sometimes, it can be hard to get a proper read on a candidate. Every recruiter has their own style, their own techniques, but what actually works?

Everyone has their own techniques, but what’s important is that you’re consistent in your methods. Prior to interviews, ensure you know exactly what type of person you want for the role. Never make a half-hearted judgement, be 100% sure on who you’re hiring. This means knowing what skills, traits and attributes you’re looking for. Here we take a look at few techniques that will assist you in conducting a smooth sailing job interview.

Do Your Homework

When candidates are applying for a job, you expect them to have their homework done. The same goes for any recruiter or HR manager looking to interview a candidate. It’s important that you know their professional background as well as their interests. This is especially useful when planning your questions for the interview. You will obviously have a foundation of questions you ask each candidate, but also make sure you have specific questions for each individual candidate.You don’t have to go over the top when researching them, but a few background checks never hurt anyone!

It goes without saying, but check out their previous employment history and what role they played in the company. Find out where their interests lie and align them with your business needs. This can be especially important if your business has a strong cultural code. You should also spend double the time doing research on your candidate. Doing double the research with add to your questions and allow for you to create a compelling conversation with your candidate. The more you know about your candidate the more educated you are about who they are. Your questions will have more value in them this way

Make It a Conversation, Not An Interrogation

We’ve all interviewed for a job at one stage or another, and it’s only natural for some candidates to feel nervous. Again, doing research on your candidate prior to the interview will allow you to have a meaningful conversation with them. A simple smile, a handshake and a non-related job question will ease the nerves of your candidate. Humanising your approach is always going to play well in your candidates eyes.

In return, your candidate will feel comfortable opening up to you and elaborating each answer they give to your questions.However, the most important thing for the interviewer to do is to – listen! Don’t dominate the conversation needlessly. Ask open-ended questions so you don’t simply get a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. Open-ended questions gives the candidate the opportunity to share more information with the you and it’s an opportunity for them to show their true worth!

Ask And You Shall Receive

A pet peeve for many candidates is your typical clichéd interview question such as “What are your greatest weaknesses”. You may as well be asking the question for the sake of it as it offers no value to you. Do you really think you’re going to get a concrete answer from this question? Not in a million years! Instead, why not ask them to offer a solution to a problem. This allows you to get greater insight into their problem solving abilities.

Asking problem solving interview questions makes sense in the long-run. Your candidates will face various challenges in their role if you decide to hire them. Therefore, seeing how quick they are to problem solve is important. As an interviewer, listen carefully and keep an ear out for any red flags.  If a candidate doesn’t answer, then they might have trouble in the future dealing with sticky questions. The same goes for candidates who focus on the problem and not the solution. Candidates that focus on the problem could have a negative outlook on certain situations if given the position.


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