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5 Secrets on How To Establish A Flawless Hiring Process

Establishing a hiring process that works for your business is critical when it comes to recruiting the best talent. Hiring managers should have a keen eye for what talent looks like and should be looking for potential leaders. Nailing down a flawless hiring process will improve many aspects of your business, and creating a unique hiring culture can be key to this. Many managers don’t, in fact, know how to hire effectively and rely on old-school methods when interviewing candidates. Get with the times and get clued into what actually works! Today, we’ll share some top tips with you on how to hire the best talent, so that you can become the ultimate talent advisor.

1. Know What Great Talent Looks Like

Planning out ya flawless hiring process isn’t easy. Then again, nothing easy was ever worth doing. Therefore, you need to sit down and make an extensive list on what exactly it is you’re looking for in your candidate. What do you expect from them? Remember, a great hiring manager hires great people so creating your very own secret sauce is important. Managers that aren’t spending at least 30% of their time finding, recruiting and hiring great people simply aren’t worth what you’re paying them. One of a manager’s key roles in a company is hiring talent, and if they’re not doing that then you might need to review their whole process.

2. Never Stop Recruiting

Good managers never stop recruiting. Even if there isn’t space for a specific candidate at that particular time, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be space in the future. Having a list of top talent is better than having no list at all. Reach out to them and establish a connection well in advance of an opening. Great managers are always curious. This means that they’re curious about the best talent, curious to get to know them and curious to find out where their strengths lie.

3. Don’t Rush Things

When has anything good come from rushing? A great manager never ever rushes their decision when hiring someone. Learning is an important process of any managers career, and although some have made wrong choices in the past, the best will tell you to take your time when making a hiring decision. You want the new addition to your team to hit the ground running and make an impact on your team. Someone that goes through the motions shouldn’t come into the frame. Write down a list of key characteristics that you feel are important for your candidates to have and discuss each one individually with them.

4. Have a Smart Interview Process

The interview process can be hectic for managers, with many of them tiring themselves out due to the abundance of candidates being interviewed. Remember, if it’s one role you’re hiring for, then you only need one person! Shortlist the top 5 candidates that you felt were fit for the role and invite them to interview. As mentioned above, every great hiring manager knows what they’re looking for so knowing what makes a strong candidate shouldn’t be a problem. Schedule your interviews over a 3-4 week period and ALWAYS interview the candidate in person. Only use the phone to confirm availability. Furthermore, if you’re trying to improve diversity within your company then having a smart hiring process is essential!

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5. You Are The Boss!

Always remember that you are the boss when it comes down to making the decision. No one else. Of course, it’s important to listen to what co-workers have to say, but don’t let them make the decision for you. This is especially important when looking at candidates resumes. Have HR send them directly to you so you can filter out the stronger candidates yourself. Only YOU know what YOU want. Not HR. This will also speed up the whole process around time to hire. The quicker you get them in the door, the quicker your employee will start learning.


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