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5 Things: You Really NEED To Know About Recruitment This Week

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Email anyone on Google+ using Gmail:

It can be extremely frustrating when you don’t have access to a potential candidate’s email address, but Google+ are about to put a stop to that problem and answer every recruiters’ prayers. Starting this week, when you’re composing a new email, Gmail will suggest your Google+ connections as recipients, even if you haven’t exchanged email addresses yet.

It works a little differently to conventional emailing in that your email address isn’t visible to your Google+ connections until you send them an email, and their email addresses are not visible to you until they respond. And if you email someone who is not in your Circles (as many candidates would be) your email will be filtered into the Social category of their inbox (if enabled) and you will only be able to start another conversation if they respond or they add you to their Circles.

Twitter co-founder launches new mobile Answers App “Jelly”

Jelly is a brand new search engine, but unlike one you’ve ever seen before. Yes, you type in a question and you get an answer as you do with every other search engine, but with Jelly, instead of receiving information, you will receive knowledge. Jelly uses your social and extended network as well as photos to pull knowledge on a limitless array of topics from real people with real insights. Looking for the perfect candidate? Ask Jelly!

2014 is going to be even more competitive for tech talent

According to a survey of 900 tech-focused hiring managers and recruiters, conducted by Dice, the “employment picture for technology professionals remains bright” in 2014. In fact, 73% of tech-focused recruiting individuals are planning to hire more technology professionals in the next 6 months, with 24% saying their hiring efforts will be substantial compared with the 19% who said the same thing 6 months ago.

HireVue buys Reschedge

Interview-coordination company Reschedge, whose products help set up live interviews, in-person interviews and on boarding meetings, has been bought by HireVue, the video interviewing service. For those of you who are unaware of HireVue, the company offers what they term ‘On Demand Interviews’, a service, they feel bypasses the time drain that is bad interviews with unsuitable candidates. Together with Reschedge they feel they have “cracked the code on interview coordination” so watch this space! Check out HireVue’s play, pause and rewind enabled service here.

Are LinkedIn are killing free Group Messaging as of January 14th?

Indeed, in an email from the LinkedIn Talent Solutions Team we are able to confirm that LinkedIn are  “disabling the ability to send free InMails to members in LinkedIn groups from LinkedIn Recruiter starting January 14, 2014. You will still be able to send InMails to fellow group members, but they will be deducted from your allotted monthly InMail credits.” Their explanation for removing the service? “This feature is being used in ways we hadn’t anticipated, often creating negative experiences for both members and recruiters.”

Anyone with any questions regarding the change can contact the team here.

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