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87% of All 2012 Grads Will Apply Directly to Companies (Infographic)

Our Graduate Recruitment webinar last week discussed the importance of employer branding in getting the lions share of interest from Graduates in your organization. There’s such a high level of competition amongst companies for the best of the graduating class that you’d be naive in believing that they’ll come to you begging for a job. Click here to watch back the webinar.

A recent infographic produced by Achievers Inc and shows that most graduating applicants for jobs did not apply to companies through online advertisement. The overwhelming majority of applicants applied directly to the company or through a networking or recruitment event.

Furthermore, 54% of respondents said that career advancement opportunities came top of their list of important factors to consider when choosing who to apply to. This factor has remained top for the last three years, which shows that new grads WANT to stay at their place of work for as long as they can keep climbing the career ladder.

In fact, 21.6% of graduating respondents said that they anticipate staying at their full-time job for 10 years or more.

Employee retention is easily demonstrated through your recruitment and branding efforts by showing current employees who have been through the same or similar career journey as these graduates expect, and letting them tell their story through a rich media format, like video. Video is fast becoming the most popular format for telling stories about current employees, as it is by far a more interactive and engaging medium than swathes of text or photos.

Adjusting your recruitment strategies for graduate attraction is a must in order to get the best quality graduates to apply directly to you. Online activities like those detailed in our webinar last week by Accenture, Jameson, Deloitte, PWC, Eventovate and Enterprise Rent-a-Car, are a massively important element in your process, where graduates to learn about your brand and decide to apply for a graduate position directly. Using a combination of a careers website, social networking spaces like LinkedIn, company or dedicated Grad Careers Facebook pages, a YouTube channel hosting all their Grad Recruitment videos, and an integrated offline campus campaign, all played a huge role for these companies in attracting graduates to their organisations.

Achievers, who conducted the survey, saw an increase of 700% in college students using LinkedIn to find out about current job opportunities, reducing the use of recruiters and offline job advertisements. The results of the survey, detailed in the infographic below, really demonstrate exactly what we’re seeing in the graduate recruitment market this year. Are you up to speed?

Click here to see the larger version of this infographic:

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