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SocialTalent Author Spotlight: Dr. Bev Kaye

Welcome to our new spotlight series, where we introduce you to some of the incredible authors on the SocialTalent learning platform. With over 100 experts delivering quality content on all areas of workplace excellence, we pride ourselves on having a faculty that are not only heavily experienced in their respective fields, but are also engaging instructors from a diverse set of backgrounds.

Today, we’re going to meet the amazing Dr. Bev Kaye. Truly renowned in the field of employee engagement, career development, and retention Bev is a best-selling author, founder, and leading expert.

Background and history

Dr. Beverly Kaye is the Founder of Career Systems International (now Talent Dimensions) and BevKaye&Co. Recognized internationally as one of the leading authorities on career development, employee engagement, and retention, Bev has spent over 40 years using her incisive and inventive thinking to help managers, employees, and organizations to reduce the cost of talent loss, foster cultures of support, and facilitate career mobility discussions.

Renowned for her practical, ‘how-to’ approach, Bev has also authored a variety of books, including the best-selling “Love Em or Lose Em” which has sold over 750,000 copies and is regarded as one of the foremost texts on talent retention. She has also won a range of awards for her extensive contributions to the field of talent development including the 2018 LifeTime Achievement Award from ATD, ISA’s 2018 Thought Leadership Award, and i4CP’s 2022 Industry Legend Award.

What does Bev’s SocialTalent content cover?

Bev has an extensive range of content on the SocialTalent learning platform for leaders and individual contributors, helping them to both grow their own and their team’s careers.

Her dedicated ‘Licensed Career Development Coach’ learning path equips managers with the skills and knowledge needed to implement strategies to retain talent, support career mobility, conduct those all-important ‘stay’ interviews, and avoid talent hoarding. Bev’s ‘Licensed to Grow’ learning path, on the other hand, helps individuals navigate the career ladder and identify different directions for development.

Bev’s SocialTalent content is filled with sage, actionable advice and is an essential watch for anyone looking to evolve their career or develop their team. Take a look below:

Why is this an important topic of study right now?

Talent is a precious resource right now. As organizations scramble to ensure they have the right people in place to drive innovation and success, it’s never been more important to place an onus on employee engagement, growth, and retention.

The workplace is craving guidance around career development – it’s a huge requirement from talent entering into businesses. By equipping leaders and managers with the tips and tools found in Bev’s SocialTalent courses, you can provide more structure and framework to keep your star employees engaged and interested. 

As Bev herself says: “I think I’ve always believed that managers have the will just not always the skill to know how to develop, engage, and retain their talent. And in today’s world that is becoming so technologically equal, I think talent is the only thing that really makes a difference.

What are the benefits of this training?

There are numerous benefits that Bev Kaye’s SocialTalent content will bring for learners, including:

  • The tools needed to have meaningful career conversations with your direct reports to help them explore growth opportunities.
  • Learn how to conduct an effective ‘stay’ interview to show your employees you care.
  • The A-Z of talent retention.
  • Tips to understand that up is not the only way when it comes to career progression.
  • How to manage your personal and professional brand.

Where can you find Bev?

It’s really easy to connect with Dr. Bev Kaye! 

Interested to see how Bev’s content could help your team? Get in-touch with SocialTalent today.

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