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How to Create Content Your Candidates Can't Resist (and Boost Your Personal Brand in the Process!)

create content

We’ve spoken at length in the past about how valuable creating and sharing content with your candidates can be, both for building you personal branding efforts and for your candidate attraction efforts. But we understand that the prospect of actually creating that content can be a little daunting for recruiters who would often much rather leave that up to the marketing department!

But fear not my friends, as today we’re sharing two extremely simple steps for how you can create content potential candidates won’t be able to resist:

Step 1. Ask your candidates what they want to achieve.

create content

When Ryan Hanley, an insurance professional, decided he wanted to start writing more content to attract more customers to his business, he struggled to decide what to write about. But after some brainstorming, an idea suddenly struck him. Taking to his social media channels, Hanley asked his followers what is the number one question they want answered in relation to insurance. Over the next week, Ryan got back a whopping 132 questions from people following his company’s social channels. After going through them one by one, he then distilled them into 100 questions and for the next 100 days, he answered one question per day in a long-form blog post that he then shared with his followers on social media.

Take a leaf out of Ryan’s book – ask your candidates to share with you their burning questions about your company, the job hunting process or your particular industry. As a recruiter, you should have expertise in different recruitment methods, career moves and careers gaps, knowledge of industry salary expectations, what your company’s culture is like, and insight into how best to perform in an interview or assessment – so you’re perfectly placed to answer any number of questions your candidates may have. And you may be surprised by what they do ask. In fact, by asking them questions like this, you may discover insights into how you can write your next job ad, how to sell a job to a candidate over the phone or through email or what information you should be including on your careers site.

Candidates’ may be curious as to your opinion on how long a CV should be, what information they should include in a cover letter, what they should wear to an interview etc. Or if you recruit for a particular company they may want to know more specific information about how to apply to your company. Marketing candidates may wish to find out what your company’s marketing team do on a daily basis. Others may want to discover what skills or competencies are needed to succeed in an Accounting role at your company.

As Ben Folds once said, “give the people what they want”.

Step 2. What does your audience need to know/learn in order to achieve this?

create content

Once your audience have told you what they want to achieve, it’s up to you to figure out (from your experience) how you can help them achieve it. The steps or guide you come up with to help them achieve their goal, will form the basis of the content that you write.

For example, when recruiters tell me that they have trouble with the rejection stage of the recruitment process, I’ll use that knowledge to create a blog entitled “5 Ways to Stay on the Good Side of Rejected Candidates“. In it I’ll detail five ways I know will help recruiters stay on the good side of rejected candidates when they are delivering not-so-great news to an unsuccessful candidate. This content should then help them through that difficult stage in the future and will hopefully become something they keep referring back to and share with their colleagues – thus growing Social Talent’s status as a go-to source for recruitment queries and knowledge and the traffic to our site.

Similarly, if your candidates tell you they are unsure of the best way to prepare for an interview, you could create a blog entitled “How to Prepare for a Sales Interview” or “5 Steps to Prepare for a Sales Interview” that details everything they need to know about acing their next job interview including what to wear, how to greet the recruiter, what points to have prepared etc. Just remember to make it original.


And that’s all you need to do to create drool-worthy content for your candidates! Yes, it’s actually that simple. So, what are you waiting for, get out their and start asking your candidates what they’d like to know.


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