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Employer Branding Gone Mad? Here are 5 of the best efforts so far this year

Fun At WorkIt’s hardly news to any of you regular readers of the Social Talent blog, that using Video for employer branding activities is far more genuine and engaging than (suspected heavily edited by the Marketing department) “testimonial” blogs on your careers’ page and collateral.

We’re only 8 weeks into 2013 and already we’re seeing excellent employer branding efforts come out in video form. Here’s 5 of the best so far. Can you sense a theme going on?…

NUMBER 5: Nintendo does the Harlem Shake

Dressed up as Luigi (and a fair bit of Irish, not Italian, going on if you look hard enough) and to the famous Mario Bros theme, the Nintendo team take 30 seconds out of their lunch break to do the now infamous Harlem Shake.

NUMBER 4: eBay does the Harlem Shake

On eBay’s official YouTube channel no less, the team do the Harlem Shake at the front gate of their HQ. I tried bidding 99c on that motorcycle helmet but I was outbid at the finish

NUMBER 3: Facebook does the Harlem Shake

It’s out a week and it’s had 400,000 views already. Fun place to work? You bet!

NUMBER 2: Even LinkedIn does the Harlem Shake (several times)!

Not to be outdone by their competing Tech fellows, LinkedIn chose to do the Harlem Shake and shake off the “professional social network” image that they’re somehow boring in comparison. LinkedIn in San Fran, London, Chicago, Dublin – twice, and their HQ all did the Harlem Shake. What has the world come to? We chose to feature this version of the LinkedIn Harlem Shake (there’s more here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here) simply because of Spidey there in the front row. Watch it again. G’wan…

NUMBER 1: and then Google goes and makes a movie…

“The Internship” – a full-on movie starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson

We have it on excellent authority from several actual Googlers that Google didn’t pay a penny for this movie. They just let them in the gates at Mountain View. Any aspiring Googlers who want to join in the fun, check out

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