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Facebook about to hit 2 million members in Ireland!

How many Facebook users in Ireland

There are nearly 2 million Facebook Users in Ireland

I was doing some analytics research on Facebook last night for a client using their Avertising tool and noticed that Facebook are about to hit the magic 2 million mark in Ireland. Their Advertising product currently estimates that there are 1,994,420 users of Facebook in Ireland. How long do you reckon it will be before we hit 2 million?
The figure is unlikely to be precise but I expect that it is fairly close to the truth. My guess is that we will hit the 2 million mark in mid July. Any other takes on that bet?

If you want to do your own research on Facebook demographics in your part of the world, your city or university , just go to the Advertising button at the very bottom of your Facebook homepage and create an ad campaign.  Dont bother entering any details, just go straight to the targeting options and start entering some criteria.

You can do the same for LinkedIn!

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