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How do you allow Photo Tagging on your Facebook Page (New)

Photo Tagging is a great way to virally spread your Facebook Page out through the Social Graph but the default setting for Facebook Pages does not allow your Fans to Tag Photos, only Administrators have this privilege.

There used to be a reasonably easy way of going into your Page Settings and changing the Permissions for the Photos applications but a few months ago Facebook revamped the Edit Page interface and removed the option of enabling Fan Photo Tagging.  Thankfully, there is a solution, and it’s easy peasy!<!–more–

Check out this Video for a quick demonstration:


The text version is as follows:

1. Go to your Facebook Page (making sure you are logged in as an administrator). Click on the “Edit Page” option in the left hand column.  Look at the URL; you will see id=XXXXXXXX somewhere towards the end of the url, the X’s being your unique number.  Copy this number.

2. Type in this URL, replacing the blank line with your unique ID number (no spaces):

3. Choose the appropriate option under “Allow fans to tag photos by (Your Page Name)”. Click Save and you are done.

It’s as easy as that!

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