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How to: Add a LinkedIn Button to Your Gmail Signature



Make your email signature work just that little bit harder for you by adding a LinkedIn button. We know LinkedIn is great for networking and information, so by adding this handy button in your signature, recipients will be able to access your profile with a single click! Here’s our simple step-by-step guide:

Step 1.

Go into your Gmail account and open up your Gmail settings by clicking the cog icon in the top right hand corner of your Gmail dashboard, and selecting the See all settings option.

Step 2.

Scroll down to the Signature section and click the Create new button.

Step 3.

Enter a signature name (your own name will suffice, it’s just a title to differentiate the signatures if you have multiple).

Step 4.

Type out your desired sign-off in the box to the right (e.g. Kind regards, John Smith).

Step 5.

Make sure the cursor is underneath your sign-off and click the insert image in the tab of tools below the text box.

Step 6.

From here, upload a LinkedIn button (you can either make one or download the official PNG here).

Step 7.

Click the image when it appears underneath your sign-off and adjust the size (small is generally preferable!)

Step 8. 

In another tab open up your LinkedIn profile. Click your small thumbnail photo in the top right to bring up the Settings & Privacy option. Click this and find the Edit Your Public Profile section. From here you will find your LinkedIn URL in the top right of the page. Copy this.

Step 9. 

Back to your email tab, highlight the LinkedIn image you uploaded and click the hyperlink button. Paste in your LinkedIn URL and click OK.

Step 10.

Next, choose when your signature appears in the Signature defaults section just below the text box.

Step 11.

Scroll down the page and click Save Changes.


Now that you’ve added a LinkedIn button to your Gmail signature, it’s time to spruce up your LinkedIn profile. Download our FREE guide now: How to Create an All-Star LinkedIn Profile

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