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Are You a Proactive Recruiter?

Acting in anticipation of future problems, needs, or changes. 

Are you spending your working life reacting to what is going on around you? Are you waiting for the meeting to start before you fully understand what’s being discussed? Or, are you awaiting an open position to seek out the ideal candidate? It may be time to embrace proactivity in your working life – trust us, you won’t look back.

So, what does it take to be a proactive recruiter?


Put away your shotgun and leave that deer alone. These hunters are identified by their proactivity and adaptable personalities!

Hunters can be identified by their actions. They are known as ‘doers’, proactive people who anticipate problems and opportunities while the rest of us are still ordering our double espresso in the morning. Hunter’s don’t wait for a need before jumping right into sourcing, engaging, and attracting candidates ahead of hiring demand.

Beyond recruiting…

Proactive recruiters understand that the world of hiring is more than just finding the right candidate for the right role. They understand that to stay ahead of the game they will need to embrace skills from other areas of business such as sales and marketing. When a new hiring opportunity opens they will already have collected a database of potential candidates, both passive and interested.


Proactive recruiters also know how to network. They attend relevant industry events and understand that each person they speak to is a potential opportunity to grow and engage. Whether identifying potential leads and candidates, new business partnership opportunities, or gaining insights and advice from industry leaders, they are open to engaging with everybody they meet at their networking events.

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