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How to: Create a Wildly-Effective Career Portfolio (Infographic)

Job seekers! It’s important that your application stands out from the crowd when it arrives in front of a recruiter, and according to The Paperworker the best way to help it do so is with visual examples of your previous work in the form of a career portfolio.

Yes, although portfolios are generally visual-focused and associated with more creative professions, ANYONE can benefit from a strong career portfolio that demonstrates an understanding of the role, your professional abilities and your previous accomplishments.

The infographic below from The Paperworker not only provides important data as to why you should create a career portfolio, but how to create it and what it should feature:


Top Takeaways:

  • One of the most common job interview tips is to be ready and prepared for anything. But job seekers need to be especially ready to be able to provide examples of their work and their achievements – a career portfolio is an excellent document to have with you for when these types of questions start arising.
  • A portfolio will help you demonstrate what you can and will be able to create on behalf on the company you’re interviewing with, before they even hire you.
  • Visual examples are stronger than describing work. The same principles of a presentation apply to a job interview ‚¬€œ job interviews with visual aids are more persuasive than those without.
  • A well-prepared portfolio demonstrates a job seeker is prepared once they reach interviews and makes them stand out as an applicant.
  • As the average job interview lasts 40 minutes, bringing something visual could make your interview more memorable.
  • Regarding first impressions, 55% of how we affect others is based on how we dress, act and behave. Having a well presented, comprehensive portfolio will stand you in good sted.

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