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How to: Keep Up with Changing Resume Trends (Infographic)

The traditional resume is no more.

Today, a simple piece of paper detailing your education, experience and contact details, isn’t enough to cut it anymore. Simply put, employers are expecting more – video resumes, infographic resumes, online portfolios, a personal blog – if you want to succeed you’ll have to stand out from the crowd.

And this infographic from Davitt Corporate Partners is here to help you do just that:



Top Takeaways:

  • On average, an employer will only spend 5-7 seconds looking at a resume.
  • 89% of employers revealed they would watch a video resume if it were submitted to them.
  • 52% of employers value a video resume due to the ability to assess a candidates personal presentation and demeanour.
  • The Top 5 upcoming resume trends:
    • The Social Media resume: 93% of employers reported using social media for recruiting. Over 50% of LinkedIn user profiles are 100% complete.
    • Video resumes rule the roost: A minute of video is the value of 1.8 million., and are tools you can use to create a video resume.
    • Shorter and tighter: Bite-size written communication is becoming more mainstream. Keep your resume focused and relevant.
    • Charts and graphs or the infographic resume: Make information easy to digest. Charts and graph make the information in your resume easier to understand.
    • The multinational resume: People are seeking work in other countries and in multinational firms. A multinational resume has strong positioning, branding achievements and key word infusion.

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