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How to: Message Group Members & Add 3rd Degree Contacts on LinkedIn

LinkedIn How to add third degree connections to your contacts, send message to third degree connectionsLinkedIn allows you to message first degree connections and fellow official “open networkers” but requires you to use InMails to message other Members of the Network.  The only other exception to this rule is those members who share a Group with you (providing that they haven’t changed their settings within that particular Group to block you).  Many of you may have noticed that you can no longer Message Fellow Group Members that appear in your Search Results; fret not however as there is a great little cheat that gets around this.

How to send a message to a fellow Group Member:

This is a bit convoluted, but it’s worthwhile. LinkedIn removed the “Send Message” button from fellow Group Members’s profiles only if you have found them through a search or advanced search.  The trick is to find which Group you share with them and then go to the Members tab within the group. Search the group members for the person you’re wishing to contact (usually we’ll only have their first name since they’re 3rd degree contacts), and maybe put in their company as well. Up comes that profile, and if we hover our mouse over their profile, we’ll now be given the option to send them a message.LinkedIn Group Member Send Message from within Group

How to connect add a 3rd degree connection as a Contact:

Likewise, earlier this year LinkedIn also removed the ability for non-premium account holders to add 3rd degree profiles as Contacts   Lots of recruiters by-pass InMails by adding complete strangers as Contacts.  If it works for you, who are we to question you!  So, you’ve searched LinkedIn for profiles that match your criteria and you’ve found some great potential candidates, and now you want to connect. But when you’re viewing their profile, the link to “Add to my connections” button is nowhere to be seen. Aha! The loophole is this: simply go backwards into the directory search listings in LinkedIn, and when you hover your mouse over a profile in the list, on the right are four hyperlinks: Send InMail, Get Introduced, Find References and Add to Network. A sneaky omission on behalf of LinkedIn, but as long as the loophole still exists we’ll take advantage of it!

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