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How to: Put Your Best Face Forward on Your LinkedIn Profile (Infographic)

Why should a candidate that you call or email out of the blue, trust what you’re saying? Why is your job opportunity something they should pay attention to? Your personal brand has A LOT of influence over how candidates will answer these questions. Therefore, the value of building and maintaining an honourable reputation online is priceless. And for recruiters, LinkedIn is the best place to start building it.

Having a complete and detailed LinkedIn profile is vital to the success of your sourcing and recruiting efforts on the site. So, it’s worth investing time in improving your profile and making sure it sells your best qualities and skills as a recruiter, and tells candidates everything they need to know about you.

Top Takeaways:

  • Profiles with photos are 11x more likely to be viewed than those without. Don’t be a faceless entity when candidates come looking, because they will come looking.
  • ALWAYS use your full name on your profile, avoid nicknames at all costs. LinkedIn is a professional network.
  • Your headline is the first thing that appears in search results, so make sure that it provides a clear representation of who you are and what you do. Be as specific as you can, when searching for a recruiter, candidates won’t search broad terms.
  • Make it easier for candidates to find you by creating a customised LinkedIn URL.
  • Keep your Summary simple and succinct, and try to inject a bit of your personality into it.
  • Don’t forget to add any educational achievements, awards, certifications, or honours you have.
  • Successful recruiters join and (most importantly) contribute to groups that are related to their specific industry in order to get noticed by potential candidates and expand their network.

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