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How to: Set Up and Use Twitter Lead Generation Cards to Attract Candidates

As I’m sure you’re aware by now, we’re always on the look out for the latest tools, extensions and apps to help you find more candidates faster and communicate with them more effectively. We find them, we road test them and we tell you about them. We have no secrets here!

We first mentioned Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards in one of our weekly sourcing news blog posts on March 17th. Back then, the new functionality was limited to a select number Twitter users and those with paid advertising accounts. But in the last few weeks, the feature has become available to Twitter users everywhere and with it, sensational lead capturing potential for recruiters and sourcers everywhere.

What is a Twitter Lead Generation Card?

A Lead Generation Card or LGC in Twitter is a form that can be attached to your Tweet that allows your followers to directly send you their contact information with the click of a single button in Twitter. Here is an example of what a LGC look like inside your tweet stream:

Twitter Lead Generation Card, Request a Demo

Pretty cool, eh? A lot more “clickable” than a plain old job ad tweet with a link to a careers site, don’t you agree? And the best thing is you can set them up to capture users’ details for all sorts of different content.

We started using Twitter cards to promote our blogs just over 5 weeks ago and in that time we have seen a 63% increase in the number of link clicks our tweets have received. So just imagine the possibilities for attracting candidates to your open roles.

How to: Set Up and Use Twitter Cards to Capture Candidate Details

Please note first of all, that you can’t actually compose and publish a Tweet with a Twitter Card from your regular Twitter admin home page. You have to compose and send the Tweet from inside Twitter Ads. Here’s how you do it:

1. Log in to Twitter
2. Click the Settings Icon and select “Twitter Ads” from the drop down menu

twitter cards

3. Click on the “Creatives” Tab in the top navigation menu in Twitter Ads and Select “Cards“.

twitter cards
4. Click “Create your first Lead Generation Card“. (P.S. You have an unlimited number of cards to use!)

twitter cards

Here’s what the form looks like:

twitter cards

You can customise your own call to action (up to 20 characters), and once a user clicks the button they’re sharing their information with you. Be sure to have the link to your website’s privacy policy handy, plus you’ll need to have an alternative URL where end-users can visit a page to find out more about you and/or your offer. Other than that, all the dimensions you need are right there on the page. Easy peasy.

5. Once your card is set up, click the “Tweets” tab, just to the left of the “Cards” tab.

twitter cards

You can also get there by selecting “Tweets” in the “Creatives” drop down menu in the top navigation.

6. Click the blue “Compose Tweet” button located in the upper right corner.

twitter cards
7. Leave the default delivery setting set to Standard. Compose your tweet (be creative) and click the last icon on the right just below your “Tweet” box (when you scroll over it, it says “Attach a Card to This Tweet“)

twitter cards
8. Select the card you would like to attach to your Tweet.

9. Send (or schedule) your Tweet!

That’s it. Now you can sit back, continue your daily routine and just watch the candidates roll in. Oh and it was all free!

Now you may be thinking “Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but how do I know when someone has filled out my LGC? Where do I find that data and what do I do with it?” Well, along with getting unlimited free LGCs, you also get access to some pretty epic analytic data for your tweets, including the email addresses (oh yes!) of the candidates who responded to your LGC. So, here’s how you track and download your leads:

1. Navigate back to the “Card” Tab under “Creatives.”

twiter cards
2. Next to the card corresponding to the leads you want to access, you will see 4 little blue icons. Click on the right-most one. This will create a .csv of all the leads generated by that card, together with with the date they were collected, the user’s Twitter ID, name, handle and their email address.

twitter cards
3. Upload these into your favourite email program (we love Mailchimp!) or CRM.

And there you have it. You’ve just successfully set up your Twitter Lead Generation Card and you are ready to start raking in free candidate leads from Twitter!

How do you think using Twitter Lead Generation Cards will affect your candidate attraction efforts? Please let us know in the comments below.

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