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Portrait of a LinkedIn User (2014 Infographic)

How do you use LinkedIn? Or, most importantly, how do you think your candidates are using LinkedIn? Think about that question for a minute. If you know why and how your candidates are using LinkedIn, you’ll be better able to engage with them using LinkedIn. It would affect where you contact them on the platform (e.g. Groups), how you approach them (e.g. a Group discussion or an InMail) and if you know what features they use and where they tend to look when using LinkedIn, you can ensure you have a presence there.

This brand new infographic from gives us a fantastic insight into today’s LinkedIn user and how they are using LinkedIn. Take a look at it in it’s entirety, then join us us at the end of the infographic  where we have put together a synopsis of the most important findings for recruiters:


  • 64% of LinkedIn users let their first level connections see their entire first level connection network, meaning if you are linked to a great potential candidate, chances are they’ll be connected to even more great candidates just like them with opens up the pool of candidates you can draw from and also increases the possibility of referrals i.e. if your connection is not interested in the job you have on offer, they probably know someone who is.
  • 33% of LinkedIn users are a member of at least one Group and maximum of 9 groups. If you are regularly posting content into Groups that are focused towards the industry you recruit in, they will become familiar with you and see you as an expert in your field. That way, when you go to approach a candidate who is also a fellow group member, you will already have gained a certain amount of their respect and trust as an authority in your field through your regular postings. You can also contact fellow Group members for free without having to be a connection of theirs.
  • Almost 76% of LinkedIn users find the “Who Viewed Your Profile” feature the most useful on LinkedIn. This means that candidates are and will be cross checking any recruiter who views their page. If this is the case, your LinkedIn profile needs to of All-Star status and represent both you as a recruiter for your industry, your agency, or your company as industry authorities. If you need a little help with this, download our free whitepaper entitled ‘How to: Create an All-Star LinkedIn Profile’.
  • 74% of LinkedIn users use LinkedIn as a primary source for researching potential employers and companies, yet only 57% of companies have a LinkedIn company page. It is imperative that your company has a LinkedIn Company Page. If your company already has a LinkedIn page be sure it’s up-to-date, posts and shares regular industry specific content, and includes working links to your company’s website and careers site.
  • Only 36% said LinkedIn was vitally important to their job seeking efforts yet almost 71% of people said they were using Facebook to build their business network and find employment. This just goes to show that there is life outside of LinkedIn! There are many other places to find really great talent outside of our favourite professional network and you can get a head start in mining these social databases by becoming a Sourcing Ninja and taking the Black Belt in Internet Recruitment. Click here to download a copy of our course prospectus and we’ll show you how you can utilise a whole host of social networks to find 4 times as many candidates as you are currently sourcing.

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