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The Ultimate Recruiter's Playlist

Forget about recruitment memes, and quitting cakes, today we’re bringing you something just a little bit different as a Friday treat. We’re bringing you some sweet Friday jamz, oh yeah!

The following songs make it onto our ultimate recruitment playlist and should inspire you in your day-to-day recruiting activities:

Work – Ciara

It’s your chance now/ Girl you better dance now/ It’s your time to show it all/ The spotlight is on you, you better…/ Work work work work

C’mon Recruiters! This one is for you. Get yourself psyched up to impress those candidates. Show them what you’re made of and work those moves, hit those requisitions like a crazed sugar fuelled day trader and finish the week on a high!

9 to 5 – Dolly Parton 

9 to 5, yeah they got you where they want you/ There’s a better life, and you dream about it, don’t you?/ It’s a rich man’s game no matter what they call it/ And you spend your life puttin’ money in his wallet

Why is it that when I think of Dolly Parton two things only ever come to mind…. 9 and 5. Surely the ultimate summation of being stuck in humdrum mediocrity.  Make it your clarion call to passive or hesitant candidates everywhere to rid them of their inertia and get them into that dream job that is just a yes away.

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

Don’t stop me now/ I’m having such a good time/ I’m having a ball/ Don’t stop me now/ If you wanna have a good time/ Just give me a call

Tell the candidate what’s in it for them and always include a call to action in your job ads. If they want a good time, I mean, ‘job’, they gotta give you a call!

Countdown РBeyonc̩

We be making love in 5/ Still the one I do this 4/ I’m trying to make a 3/ From that 2/ He still the 1

You’ll be needing this one if you’re using a free LinkedIn account! Clever or just plain nasty from LinkedIn? Answers on a postcard please!

Takin’ Care of Business – Bachman-Turner Overdrive

I’ve been taking care of business/ Taking care of business and working overtime/ If it were easy as fishin’/ You could be a musician

Take a short break to give yourself a pat on the back. Recruitment can be a tough job and let’s face it, you’re a legend at it. (By the way, what were the guys in Bachman Turner Overdrive on when they rhymed ‘fishing’ with ‘musician’?! – Genius!)

One Way Or Another – Blondie

One way or another/ I’m gonna find ya/ I’m gonna get ya/ get ya

What would Blondie do? One way or another she is going to get ya. Take out an A4 sheet from the printer now and write “What would Blondie do?” on it, then stick it on the wall in front of you. She’d get ya, that’s what she’d do. Candidates, there is no hiding on obscure websites or behind private profiles on LinkedIn, you’re coming with your sourcing skills and great opportunities, so be ready!!

Getting To Know You – ‘The King and I’ Soundtrack

Getting to know you / Getting to know all about you / Getting to like you / Getting to hope you like me / Getting to know you

How cool was Yul Brenner’s head in that movie? There was a bald man who wore it well!

Once you’ve tracked down the perfect candidate, you’ll need to woo them, be confident in your knowledge of their industry, understand who they are through social sites and find “uncommon commonalties” that form a bond between you and the candidate. But above all else, wear it well. Show the world that you are an expert in what you do. Shout it loud from your social profiles, get testimonials from candidates that you have placed, get endorsements from clients, heck, get gold stars from your primary school teacher! – whatever is takes to get your personality, expertise and credibility across.

At Last – Etta James

At last / My love has come along / My lonely days are over / And life is like a song

The perfect candidate has said ‘yes’!

 Some Recruiter That I Used to Know – Adam Edwards

You can get addicted to a certain kind of recruiter/ Like one who gives you a pen, always a pen/ I thought it meant it was a sign of lust/ But you were just trying to gain my trust/ And then I found that you were working on commission

One night stands might seem great (unless you get a dose of something, eww), but it’s far better to maintain relationships and place the same candidates multiple times over their careers and yours. Whatever you do, don’t end up being some recruiter they used to know. Use social networks to maintain relationships like never before and be that recruiter that they come back to again and again.

Happy Friday Recruiters! Next week we’ll be bringing you more recruitment news, the long awaited Part 3 of our ‘How to: Recruit Tech Pros on Twitter’ series, and a look at how the internet has changed since 2004. See you then!

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