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Recruiting in Romania - Top Sites to Source From

Do you recruit in Romania? Romania is continuing to grow and its industrial sectors are booming, drawing talent to it from all over CEE. If you’ve a mandate to recruit for Romania, here are some ways to source more profiles using popular local networking sites.

We all know that LinkedIn is full of recruiters and 10% of the former communist stronghold’s total workforce, 568,139, are on it, just waiting to be found. This figure is a huge growth on where it stood just 18 months ago, where virtually no-one in Romania had a profile. LinkedIn now stands as the 24th most visited site in Romania. 2012 is bound to be another bumper growth year, so Advanced-Searching LinkedIn for professionals in Romania is still a great bet. Here’s a string for Google to x-ray search LinkedIn, giving you full names and profiles of LinkedIn members even if they’re completely outside of your network (just swap out the job titles and keywords for what you’re looking for): (inurl:in OR inurl:pub) -inurl:dir (“job title 1” OR “job title 2” OR “job title 3”) (“keyword 1” OR “keyword 2” OR “keyword 3”) “necessary qualification” (“university name 1” OR “university abreviation 1” OR “University name 2” OR “university abreviation 2”)

Outside of LinkedIn (and of course Facebook, which we just can’t search), there are five other social networks in the top 100 most visited sites in Romania – the most popular of these being Blogger which is ranked at number six and WordPress at number nine.

How to search a Blogger profile? (“job title 1” OR “job title 2”) (“location city 1” OR “location city 2” OR “location country 1”)

How to search a WordPress profile? (“job title 1” OR “job title 2”) (“location city 1” OR “location city 2” OR “location country 1”)

Trilulilu, Romania’s biggest User-generated content website, on which you can view, upload and share videos, images and audio files is ranked at number 50. While it’s not set up to be a professional platform, people do fill out their profiles to a good degree and virtually no one has theirs on private, unlike Facebook.

How to search Trilulilu – bearing in mind that the text is in Romanian: “profil” “keyword” “city”

Another site to look at is Neogen, which also has a presence in Bulgaria, Moldova and Serbia. Again taking in to account that this is a personal social site and not designed for Recruiters, you’ll have to take the profile data with a pinch of salt, but until the majority of the working population grasp LinkedIn and create a profile over the next year, this is where you’ll find them until then. “noutati” (intitle:”city 1″ OR intitle:”city 2″) “keyword”

Happy hunting! Or as they say in Romania, fericit de vânătoare!

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