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5 Recruitment Stories for This Week - 26th May 2014

In the news this week:

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NEW FEATURE ALERT! How do you rank on LinkedIn?

We’ve known for a long time that the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” feature is one of the most popular on the site (referrals central people :D), but have you ever wondered just how you stack up to others in your network in terms of profile views?

recruitment stories

Well, with LinkedIn’s brand new tool you’ll wonder no more. LinkedIn have just introduced “How You Rank“, a feature that lets you see where you rank in profile views against those in your network. Not only that, but LinkedIn will now also provide you with a list of the top profiles in your network for you to gain some inspiration for changes you can make to your profile to raise your views.

Looking for Hard to Find Talent?

If you’re hiring for BD, Marketing, Research or Product Management professionals then you should try attracting talent from overseas, as new research from LinkedIn shows that talent in these functions are the most likely to move abroad for a new job opportunity.

recruitment stories

recruitment stories

Countries like the UAE, Switzerland and Saudi Arabia have had the highest level of net immigration in the last year with countries like Spain, Ireland and the UK showing net emigration.

The report on LinkedIn’s 300 million members is fascinating and is jam packed with insights, you can find out more here:

Facebook is Watching You

Not content with knowing what you like, Facebook now want to know what you’re watching on TV and what you’re listening to! The company announced an amazingly snoopy product that can use your phone or tablet’s microphone (with your permission of course) to listen to noises like music, TV shows or movies playing in the background and can then suggest that you share on Facebook exactly what you are listening to or watching! Creepy!

recruitment stories

What next? Perhaps you’ll soon be able to turn on your mic in an interview and Facebook will tell you if its all gone Pete Tong or if you’re about to nail the job. We watch and wait in awe (and fear!).

Zappos Gets Rid of Job Postings

Stacy Zapar, one of our fantastic Social Talent mentors, has announced on behalf of Zappos, that the company have decided they “don’t want you to fall into that recruiting black hole where you apply for a job and never hear anything back“. They want to “get to know you, whether there’s a current opening or not“. And guess what, job postings get in the way of that goal. So, in a bold new move, Zappos have done away with them and introduced Zappos Insider instead.

Insiders are people who “might want to work for Zappos someday” and wish to stay in touch with the company and continue to learn more about their culture, what’s happening in the office and what makes each of the various Zappos teams tick.

recruitment stories

Become a Zappos Insider here.

Top 40 Most Desired Developer Skills

In an attempt to answer the age old question “What will the employers of tomorrow want?” Dice have released their list of the most desired tech skills of 2014.

The Top 10 Most Desired Software Developer Skills of 2014 are:

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View the whole list here.

In relation to the skills of tomorrow, Dice cited wearable electronics, the “internet of things” and drones and robots as the most influential disruptive technologies of tomorrow.

According to Dice’s research, the production of more objects like smart watches and biometric measuring devices like bracelets and earbuds, are set to cause a huge demand for app developers. The continued expansion of internet enabled devices will create demand for more big data analysts. And the growing popularity of drones and robots could see demand for robotics designers and software support to blossom in the coming years. So watch this space!


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