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TL;DR Candidate Experience, Sexism and Awesome Customers

Exceptional Candidate Experience with Lars Schmidt

Lars Schmidt is no stranger around these parts. He is renowned throughout the recruitment industry for his incredible advise on creating a memorable candidate experience.
(He’s also the known for his rather lovely Random Tweets of Kindness mission).

Schmidt frequently appears in Forbes magazine (and on our training academy– just sayin) to share some of his amazing insights when it comes to Candidate Experience.

Check out his article These Simple Steps Will Enhance Your RecruitingThis is a must-read for companies who want candidates to walk away from an interview thinking “wow- I want to work there”.

Recruiters can’t fix sexism, but they can help

When discussing the lack of women in STEM roles, the conversation often revolves around the issues women experience within a company. The bleak issues of ignored sexual harassment cases and embedded sexism that run deep within companies and bleed into entire industries.

The issues of women being underrepresented in the tech industry, of course, extend outside a company. Society requires rewiring and huge initiatives are being taken to promote young girls’ interest in STEM careers.

So, we know there are internal company issues and we know there are external societal issues. And recruitment lies in the middle- with its own issues.

“Why are there so few women in tech? Watch a recruitment session” appeared in Wired magazine sheds light on these issues within the recruitment industry.

Read more to learn about what happens when recruiters arrive at universities to pitch tech companies… With a sexist message they didn’t even know they had.

Customer’s Corner

We have a lot of pretty cool customers at SocialTalent. There’s nothing we love more than hearing about their amazing success stories. This week Cognizant made the list of Top 100 Global Technology Leaders

We can’t say we’re surprised- when Johnny met with Jolie den Boer and Gwellyn Daandels of Cognizant for a TA Talk we were blown away by the innovation in this company!


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