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Workers Who Feel Challenged Are More Engaged (Infographic)

Keeping Employees Engaged

Employees who are challenged regularly are more engaged in their work according to a recent study. Assigning your employees with tasks will motivate them in the long scheme of things, and will ultimately add to their development. Having a productive workplace is important for any business to succeed. If your employees aren’t motivated, it could lead to employees moving elsewhere in search for greater opportunities.

You want your workforce to be happy, and giving an employee recognition for a job well done plays a big part in this. It’s important for an employee to feel valued, so positive feedback for their efforts in hugely rewarding. When challenging your employees, ensure that the challenge is appropriate to their level. Setting a task that is beyond the employees expertise¬†could be daunting for them, so setting an appropriate challenge is key!

In this infographic by Snack Nation, it outlines how important it is to have a workforce that is engaged and what needs to be done t0 make it happen. According to the survey, workers feel more challenges in their roles with 71% of respondents saying that they were “happy” or “very happy”. However, there seems to be a rise in stress levels, with 31.5% of respondents claiming to be “stressed” or “very stressed”.

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